it all begins with a crush: renae bluitt.

those closest to me know how truly inspired i am to see the young & fabulous making moves, transitioning their dreams into realities and just doing what they love. i absolutely love it. it makes me proud; it keeps me motivated.

so i was excited when ms. renae bluitt, founder of crush media, accepted my offer for an interview. i like to profile movers and shakers like renae to inspire others with entrepreneurial spirits and introduce them to my readers who may benefit from their services.

after working in marketing for 8+ years, i was excited to learn a little more about her initiatives. read on:

tell us who you are: i am a daughter, sister, lover, friend, entrepreneur, and one of countless proud americans who voted for change during last week's presidential election! i am Renae Bluitt.

where you dwell: brooklyn, new york

what you do: i am a PR & lifestyle marketing specialist and founder of Crush Media -

what type of projects does crush media handle?: Crush Media partners with both well-known and emerging brands to build emotional connections between their products and target consumers. a strong emotional bond takes consumers beyond the level of mere purchasers and turns them into brand ambassadors. they become advocates for the brands they love, introducing the product to those in their personal and professional circles. Crush Media's tag line, "building brand passion," summarizes this approach.

past and present Crush Media partners include: Advanced Beauty Systems, Inc./Cantu Shea Butter, ESSENCE Magazine, Burrell Communications, Lippe Taylor PR, 18th Couture, Coup d'etat BROOKLYN, Elasta QP and Pieces Boutique.

future plans:
inspired by president-elect Barack Obama, future plans for Crush Media definitely include social responsibility. we've got to remember that yes, this is a huge step in the right direction, but this is just the beginning and Barack is just one man. it's going to take our country's collective efforts to truly make a difference.

that said, i've always wanted to mentor a group of young girls in my community so it's time to make it happen. in january of 2009, i'm launching a blog dedicated to female entrepreneurs across the globe. my goal is to educate and inspire other women who have an entrepreneurial spirit but need a support system and that extra push!

describe your style: my style is a combination of preppy and vintage chic. much of my creative expression depends on my schedule for the day, the weather, and of course, my overall mood. no matter what i'm rocking though, i've got to be comfortable!

if you could have a martini with anyone, dead or alive who would it be: as you can see, i'm still on an Obama high - with no plans of coming down - so i'm going to have to go with our new president and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama. i have SO many questions for them. they are re-writing our country's history as we speak! in addition to asking 100+ questions, i'd like to give them my blessings and let them know how proud they've made me. the Obama's intelligence, class and grace inspire me in so many ways. while i'm at it, i wouldn't mind sipping another martini with someone from our past, like a Dr. Martin Luther King. i'd love to receive some of his wisdom and hear his thoughts on our first black president and his dream being realized.

i'm still on an obama high, too! love the energy and will definitely keep an eye out for the upcoming blog. be sure to check out crush media's website, there you can contact renae directly.


Dede said...

Renae is phenomenal. Since we crossed paths a few years ago she has become a good friend and an adviser. She is one of the leading pr/marketing pros in the field and I am so HAPPY to say I know her!

I cannot wait for the blog to launch, as I will be on it daily. Great interview and I am also a BIG fan of Suigerneris Boutique!



Unknown said...

to know renae is to love her. seriously! she's truly a phenomenal human being, and i haven't even known her for that long! great post!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome interview with Ms. Bluitt! Renae is a force to reckoned with...classy, fly and beautifully brilliant :-)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to my baby girl. A true example of excellence!

Unknown said...

Renae epitomizes brains and beauty. Whether she is working on a project for a well-established hair care line or an emerging product that has yet to gain exposure, she infuses the same amount of passion and expertise. She is a consummate professional!