dame dash opens a vintage thrift shop.

dame dash, roc-a-fella records co-founder and jay-z's former bff, just embarked on a new venture: a men and women's vintage thrift shop called local 172 trading post. the shop features hand-picked, premium vintage wares and is located in the tribeca section of nyc.

that's hot. i want to check it out.

chrisette michelle's new do.

" ... her weave looks like some curly fries."


chrisette was seen out and about this weekend sporting her new do. she swapped the low, boy cut for a curly mane.

it's just hair, yawl.

i dig it.

christian louboutin said.

“... there are so many bad addictions. better to
be addicted to shoes than something else.”
-christian louboutin


i see a danika bracelet in my near future.

like this:

or perhaps this:


sui generis! shop danika jewelry here.


elizabeth taylor: 2.27.32 - 3.23.11.

"when people say, 'she's got everything',
i've got one answer - i haven't had tomorrow."
-elizabeth taylor

sgb is on model mayhem.

are you? friend us.

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oh and you can also find us on tumblr.


why red bottoms are red.

so what's the story with christian louboutin's signature red sole? per shoerazzi.com, the red sole came about by accident:

louboutin was working on a shoe in his studio when he felt something was missing. louboutin then “realized that the black sole of the shoe was too dark.” a nearby assistant was painting her nails red with chanel when louboutin grabbed it, painted the shoes' sole red and voilĂ ; the red sole was born.

there you have it.

rare and random vent.

if i trashed rooms or hit people every time they pissed me off, i'd be in jail. so would you. i am so over the bratty, self-entitlement nature of these kids these days. that includes your boy, blondie. tip: forgive yourself and move on. you can't make anyone else do the same. boy bye. click here for the background. p.s. - i'd love to talk about the ridiculous fans who refuse to call a duck a duck. but i suddenly realize that it's not worth the time it takes to type it out.

vintage wardrobe leasing.

you need vintage? well what a coincidence. i have vintage.

women's vintage clothes and accessories available for leasing for your fashion shoots, shows, events, productions, etc.

inquire at halimah@sgbvintage.com or visit the sgb site at sgbvintage.com.

i got you.

christian louboutin said.

“i would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say,
‘oh my God! that looks so comfortable!' ..."
-christian louboutin


jessica white is simple & fierce.

jessica white at a party in nyc this weekend.

she's not even doing too much and i'm loving this entire look.

iris van hersen x united nude.

one word: yes!

i mean are these brilliant or what?



halle berry plants one on the great muhammad ali's cheek. on saturday night, halle was recognized for her charitable contributions at ali's annual charity event in phoenix, arizona.

spring has sprung.

today is the first day of spring. ahhh. oh how we've missed you.

today is special for a gazillion obvious reasons. 1 being rita's is giving out free water ices all day. go get yours. you know you want to.

p.s. - have you checked out the new sgb site yet? of course you have.


launched: sui generis boutique vintage.

we've launched. finally! check us out at sgbvintage.com.

we've changed our direction, ever so slightly. but what hasn't changed: we're still the #1 source for the dopest, most wearable, most sui generis, fashion-forward vintage in this part of town. was that enough superlatives for you? ha! yes, we bring you flyy vintage pieces hand-picked specifically for the modern fashionista. and that's not all. check out the about page for more scoop.

stay in touch with us here and on our tumblr page: her-steeze.tumblr.com.

more to come.