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graffiti vuitton bracelet.

louis vuitton sprouse collection. baller price: $1130


eminem does vibe.

b in vienna.

b was spotted bopping around in vienna, austria with her mom. oh b. where do i start? actually i won't.

but i hope you will. you know the drill. dig it or bury the look?

just can't get enough? google for more of her austria pictures.




naomi does v.

johanne mills earrings.

denim hoop earrings. johanne mills, $151


stunning sanaa lathan.

sanaa is stunning at a tribica fest event. but what do you think? dig or bury the look?


sss: sgb super sale.

$5, $10, $15, $20!!

remember when we used to rock: phat gold chains.

when i see dudes wear chains like these:

it makes me want to fight them. and i'm not even a violent person.

then i think about back in the day. dookie chains were always the business in hip hop, weren't they? rope chains. herringbones. the bigger the better. remember?
still somehow iced out chains in your likeness (or anyone else's) or crayola boxes seem so utterly ridiculous. more ridiculous than old school rakim with his dookie rope chains. never mind the recession. it would be ridiculous and pretentious anyway. i guess if i was a young girl now i could relate.


$5, $10, $15, $20 - EVERYTHING MUST GO!

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sgb: everything must go!

attention all!

sgb is in the kitchen up to some other things. details will soon be divulged.

why you should care? everything must go!

90% of the vintage merchandise (designer items excluded) will go on super sale. we're practically giving it away. no less than 50% off!

yes. i mean it.

prices will be updated within the next day or so. items will also be listed here. stay tuned.

explanation: wedding bling on the 4rth finger.

ok, so i admit there will be a slight preoccupation with wedding stuff for the next few months. maybe several months. consider yourself warned.

my mom sent this to us a few days after we got engaged. i finally opened it and it's pretty cool insight. i thought it was cool enough to share. check it out:

my boo.

and no, not the alicia keys and usher version. the ghosttown djs. remember them? i used to love this little song. it released in 1996, i was a sophmore in college, on jermaine dupri's so so def label.


lc launches a line for kohl's.

your girl lc is scheduled to launch a line for kohl's this october. the line will first feature clothing and then may expand to jewelry, intimates and sleepwear if all goes as planned. the prices will range between $20-$60. recession friendly.

i hardly ever go in kohl's but from time to time i see some pretty cute things in their advertisements.

according to the wall street journal.

over 20 million people in the US write for blogs. of these bloggers, only 1.7 milly actually make mula from their writing.

maybe I'll spend this lovely day devising a masterplan to become among those 1.7.

fios let down.

my fios internet that I raved about has now disappointed me. no internet connection for the past 2 days. sidekick posts are more trouble than their worth so posts will be light until verizon gets it together.


de grisogono ear candy.

red carpet fresh:
beautiful! and anytime the details say "price available upon request" that's probably the only info you need.

sophia loren says.

"nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful"
--sophia loren


louboutins: mirror image.

i feel like i posted these before but am currently too lazy to check and see. if i did, excuse the repost but aren't they pretty enough for a duplicate post?

$1295 at barneys.

organic essence lip stuff.

sometimes things just look cool. and sound cool. and then the price tag says only $6.99 and you really just want to give it a try.
i'm kinda addicted to lip stuff. so this jumped right out at me when i saw the ad in my new elle magazine. eco-tubes are biodegradable and come in a cute, "push-pop" type tube. usda organic, no preservatives, no artificial colors and no animal testing. comes in grapefruit, almond, vanilla, mint and natural. check it out over at organic essence.


ues kicks.

upper echelon shoes (ues) by nick cohen and seth campbell:
when asked if they could have anyone in the world rock their sneaks who would it be, they responded: "the famous person that we would want wearing our shoes most is also the person we believe would wear it best: kate moss." not surprising!
denim and pigskin unisex kicks, $249

current/eliott swimsuit.

make a splash in denim!

$231, photo source


project runway is casting.

got what it takes? give it a shot. details are here.

make the trap say aye.

my current ish. yes. i admit it. AYE!

remember when we used to rock: denim/leather pants.

well, well, well, look what we have here. i've been looking for weeks for a throwback picture of the denim jeans we used to wear - you know the ones with the leather down the front side. and i happen to bump into these - a 2009 spin from givenchy by ricccardo tisci.

now these bad boys will set you back $3,440. but back in the day when we rocked them, our weekly allowance from our folks would cover them.

straight from the store, merry-go-round, i had a pair with green leather down the front. they fit nicely too - swore i was cute. i also had a pair of the shorts with the black leather down the front. all my girls had them in different colors: red, brown, snake-skin. and yes we'd rock them on the same days to the same parties.

i wondered when and who would reincarnate these and here they go. did you rock them back in the day? would you rock them today?

ineke otte's ant necklace.

like ants? want to wear them?
inekeotte.nl, $190


tommy hilfiger table cloth pants.

i'd so rock these:

tommy.com $98


adult refreshments.

long week. good week. but long. i decided to play the bartender role tonight and whip up something simple for me and tye:

yum. my new new. i just found my summer 09 drink of choice. i feel like i should be somewhere exotic getting a tan.
serves about 3 or 4 glasses:
-6 parts malibu coconut rum
-7 parts pineapple juice
shake with ice in a shaker and serve in a martini glass ... or if you're clumsy like me and can't stand a martini glass, a stemless wine glass will work just fine.
blame it on the a-a-alcohol!

just kickin it.

when i hear these old songs i remember the good ole days and wonder if these girl groups could do it one more time. xscape had a good little run. check out this one, 1993's just kickin' it. this video is full of old fashion trends. loves it.


nivea does makeup.

nivea (as in the skin moisturizer) teamed up with french lingerie designer, chantal thomass to create a limited edition make-up line. prices range around $15.

oh and it looks like it'll only be sold in europe. so why am i telling you this? ever heard of ebay or online shopping? i'm sure my domestic chicas can get their hands on it. if it's really that serious.


bantu by yodit eklund.

gotta love it. bantu is an african-based swimwear line that not only looks hot but also aims to pump africa's economy. founder, yodit eklund, utlizes an all african production process. prices range under $145. can be found at barneys and anthropologie, google to find out where else to buy.
so stay flyy and philanthropic at the same time - brilliant.


tis the season.

wedding season, that is. which one would you choose to rock on your special day?
douglas hannant
elizabeth fillmore
romona keveza
reem acra
monique lhuillier
junko yoshioka
see the rest of the wedding medley here.


rachel zoe says:

"style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak."
- rachel zoe (celebrity stylist/vintage lover)

remember when we used to rock: scrunch sox.

of course you remember. was it tlc that hyped this trend - wearing 2 or 3 pairs at a time? late 80s, early 90s?

you know how we rolled - blue and pink shirt meant blue and pink scrunch sox. never mind how hot it had to be and how tight your toes were. and if you really thought you were cute, the left foot may have blue on top, pink on bottom while the right foot had the reverse. those were the days.

i remember me and stany had matching outfits (peep a previous week post on the coordinated outfits). i had the blue shorts set, flip up the sleeves and it was yellow. she had the pink one, flip up the sleeves and it was orange. and then the coordinated scrunchy sox - don't tell us nothing. lol. nowadays, you couldn't pay me to wear those thick sox.

shout out to miss nixon for reminding me of this trend.


happy easter!

enjoy service and dinner!


jaime does uptown.

looks like jaime was too flyy for just 1 cover so they gave him 3. i read on another blog that jaime reflects on turning 41 next december and says he's content with being a bachelor, though "not exactly a bachelor, but i look as marriage as not for me."

tell me i'm not the only one who is getting increasingly fed up with these "men" who are afraid to grow up and get married ... i mean seriously. uh jaime, diddy, it's not a death sentence. speak on it!

speaking of hair: chrisette michelle's do.

i think that chick, chrisette michelle, is beautiful and i love her hair. so much that i told my hair stylist to keep my top a little long this time so i could play around with it.

are you feeling her do?

cassie's buzz cut: the talk of the e-town.

i'm feeling blah today. not because of the rain which i actually welcome since i have no place in particular to be today. but yeh feeling kinda stank so i told myself i wouldn't post on cassie's hair which is the talk of e-town. then i remembered that i am a blogger, fashion is my subject and cassie is a stylista. so you've read about it 10 times already, here's the 11th ...

i follow cassie on twitter (find us, sgboutique) so i first heard when she posted pictures through there. it's just hair people. right? how hot is it that she has the liberty to make a statement like that, not like she's working a 9 to 5. and don't we all want to make crazy, gutsy, drastic style moves every now and then ...

thanks for giving us something to talk about, cassie.

love come down.

i can't help but listen to old music like evelyn champagne king's, love come down and feel robbed. i don't care how old this makes me sound but music today sucks. good lyrics and good vocals without all the gimmicks just doesn't exist anymore. i was 4 when this came out and at 32 still respect it. now tell me this isn't good music.

listen to her 1981 hit and peep the harem jumpsuit she's rocking! this very same outfit is in forever 21 and other stores right now! love it.


summertime, summertime.

i know it's not vintage saturdays but i suddenly need a vacation. pronto.

remember nocera? check it:

viola and taraji do ebony.