bet you didn't know.

guess who co-wrote and sung the theme song to the jeffersons:

yup. wilona from good times. real name ja'net dubois. backed by a gospel choir she blew one of the most recognizable theme songs ever.

never knew that. did you?

mother jefferson.

stoked that tv one has been running reruns of the jeffersons these days. getting a straight kick out of mother jefferson (played by the late zara cully) who played the sharp-mouthed mother-in-law to louise. hilarious she was.
in this episode, mother jefferson gets a boyfriend ...


shape fx.

did you go in as hard as i did at the dinner table on christmas? of course you did. that's what we do. it's no time to be regretting that extra serving of macaroni and cheese. let me introduce you to shape fx.

per their website, shape fx is strategically designed merchandise that makes the body you have the body you want.

sounds good to me.

but what does that mean, you ask. ok, like:

their padded shoulder bra adds extra shape to flatter the shoulders and enhance the tatas, $29:

their sculpting shorts flatten the pouch and lift your butt, $20:

i like the site because it allows you to shop by figure type or target zone. check out all their goodies over at shapefx.com.


more than love.

amerie featuring my boy fabolous.

cute video!


what's the 411.

our girl mary has been in the news a little this week, huh? never mind that. been down with mary from day 1. her first album, what's the 411?, brings back memories. i can probably recite the entire cd backwards.
i'm taking it back to that album. mary and puba: such on-wax chemistry. here they are on yo! mtv raps back in '92. check out mary's outfit. cross colours, i think.

"i don't have no time for no wham-bam-thank you m'am, gas me up, get me drunk, hit the skins, and scram. the same ole shit you pulled last week on pam. i'm not having that, no i'm not having that." tell 'em mary.


christmas with the griswold's.

turn on amc. national lampoon's christmas vacation (1989).
love the national lampoon's series. crazy funny.


merry christmas.

merry christmas!! enjoy & remember the reason for the season.


kanye teams with bape.

bape recruits kanye for their spring 2010 lookbook. looking good, ye.

forever young.

loved this song the first time i heard it. check out the video ... j featuring mr. hudson ... forever young ...

ish that just makes sense: lash stash mascara deluxe sampler.

bravo. sephora put together a sampler of their most wanted lashes. 10 different lashes, a $104 value, for $39.
why am i so excited? well i love mascara, first. but unless you've found your trusty brand already, mascara is just one of those things that you're always searching for the best one. i usually default to the pink one with the green cap (forget the brand but i'm sure you know which one i'm talking about - it's been around so long, my mom was rocking it back when i was a little girl).
perfect way to play around with different brands and effects. husband and i may need to make a special trip to sephora today to pick one of these up. i want it.

fun jewelry find: monserat delucca.

over at monseratdelucca.com:

pacman necklace, $48
cougar necklace, $65sunglasses earrings, $45
married or single ring, $65