drew does w.

"i get out of bed with a spring in my step like, i'm going to f'in rock this day ..." -drew tells w.

vintage thunderbirds.

i'll have one of these in the driveway one day.
photos from kenklassics.com


miu miu, $595


christian louboutin.

how many of you knew christian louboutin way before j started rhyming about the red bottoms? i didn't. i confess. and out of curiousity i wanted to know who this man was that had women across the world contributing to the economy by investing in his shoes.

i googled him of course and found out he's pretty young. born in paris in 1963, the french shoe designer was inspired to become a shoe designer by the costumes that the nightclub showgirls would wear.

and why the red bottoms? reportedly, he first planned to use different colors for the soles but watched an assistant paint her nails red and boom - red it was. we creative types are inspired by just about anything!

word of the day: disgusting.

real quick: i love when my girls send me inspiration and my girl nikki is good for that. today she shared with me the story of a young lady she had the pleasure to meet, phillipa hughes, lawyer turned art event planner (pink line project - google her).

how inspiring is someone who quits their 9 to 5 to follow their passion. you always hear me talking about that. and since that pretty much describes my current situation - meantime freelancer with big entrepreneur ambitions, allergic to permanent 9 to 5 situations, yeh, yeh, that's me - then i just thought i'd share.

between yesterday's sermon, a random person's facebook status, and nikki's email, i'm constantly inspired to keep pushing. it's not a coincidence. i hope whomever is reading this is also surrounded by people and things that keep them determined and inspired. if not, then seek that.

and to get back on the track, the other day tyra said that the word "fierce" is overused. she's probably right. so she says the new word is "disgusting." so i say that if we aren't already, we're well on our way to being DISGUSTING!

lenny kravitz does russian vogue.

sexy. joined by carmen kass. and he also shares some of his photography in the issue:

love it. j's is my favorite.

gisele does vanity fair.

miss keri, baby.

keri hilson @ her album release party in atl.

remember when we used to rock: french rolls.

the year was 1992 and i think me and just about all my girls were sitting around in our neighborhood hairdresser's (heyyy yarnie!) room waiting to get our french rolls. we were getting pretty for our 9th grade formal.

but we wore them formally and informally - whether we were getting dressed up or not. i remember some of us would stuff ours with braid hair so we could get a smooth, even roll. and don't forget the pump in the front.

i remember my formal dress was royal blue so i found some blue and clear rhinestones and had yarnie glue them on the pump. wow. gotta love it.

i must scan all of these throwback pictures that i always talk about. truly classics.

if kimora says it, it's true.

"... you can do anything you set your mind too. and you can do it in stilettos."

- kimora lee simmons


get wet n wild for 70 cents.

something is better than nothing. agree?
from now until april 10, get any 99 cents wet n wild makeup for 70 cents. offer is good at walgreen's only and is in honor of glamour magazine's 70th b-day.
go stock up on polish, liners, and whatever else.

twitter ghostwriters.

hmm ... think about it for a moment. are you thinking what's the point?

read about it here.

by the way, twit with us: sgboutique


yeah, yeah, yeah.

yoooooo. this may be in the top 3 of my best picks for vintage saturdays. remember oaktown 357? i am trippin' because this takes me so back. the year was 1989. me, gmrice and carly were in 6th grade, at recess, doing this dance routine and making up our own version of it.

this is a classic ... check out the fashion, this just gave me ideas for my "we used to rock" monday series. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, aw, yeahhhhhh ...


two finger name rings.

$95-$425 @ personalizedboutique.com

marc jacobs: spring hot.

$2300. hot!

serena's signature statement for hsn.

serena revealed her new line of clothing and accessories for the home shopping network this week in miami.


nicole richie does blackbook magazine.

always been a fan of nicole richie. did she bring it or what for her spread in blackbook magazine. check her and her fabulosity out:
channeling her inner lady gaga. maybe. nonetheless, hot and fun shoot. bravo.

mark davis ring.

$2900 @ barney's. reminds me of a snow cone.

photo source


are you there vodka ...?

do you watch chelsea lately? oh, the wit and sarcasm. gotta love it.
i'm sure her book is nothing less than her actual show. the title alone, a play off judy blume's are you there god, it's me margaret title, sells me.
have you read it?

gucci flyy.

gucci bomber jacket: $3696 ... one can daydream, can't she?


kim k. does complex.

manglaze matte:recession proof.

i love when my readers hit me up and tell me what's up. so after i blogged about ko matte nail polish, miss bianca out of houston, put me on to an even smarter choice: man glaze.
manglaze, you ask? yup, that's what they call it. kinda like strong enough for a woman but made for a man. kinda. it appeals to rocker dudes and chicks just the same. it comes in two matte finishes - black or grey - and is designed for extended wear.
and i'm not mad at the $6.66 price tag. and since bianca has tested and given it the thumbs up, i'm going to trust her review and march over to manglaze.com and purchase black. and grey.
gracias, bianca.

joao sabino keybag.


michael kors fall 09.

love how he mixed it up. and it looks so recession-friendly.

time to get ill.

cool clocks from iloveuma.com: