love the look.

love this get-up. victoria beckham makes a chick want to head straight to the gym.

new attitude.

patti, patti, pattttiiii. excuse the quality of the video, couldn't find one much better.



so, oprah is on. and i'm actually enjoying the topic today: entrepreneurs, follow your passion. i always like topics like this. it keeps me going.

anyway, the twins were on. the olsen twins, that is. i always thought they were just the cutest.

influence is their new coffee table book that is a collection of interviews with people who they find inspiring: red bottom shoe designer, christian louboutin and karl lagerfield, just to name a couple.

project runway fantasy: let's pretend.

let's pretend you could have any outfit in the world designed just for you and for free. whatever you wanted. the only catch is you had to pick a winning designer from project runway. who would you pick?

would it be jay mccarroll from season 1:

chloe dao from season 2:

jeffrey sebelia from season 3:

season 4's christian siriano:

or leanne marshall from season 5:
jay was pretty fabulous, wasn't he? hmm. leanne is amazing. but i think i'd have to go with season 4's christian siriano. how about you?

keyshia cole does vibe.

keyshia cole is back on the cover of vibe for the third time ... she covers the upcoming march style issue.


gordon gartrelle.

"IT'S TUCKED INTO MY SOCKS." love this throwback episode when denise makes theo a gordon gartrelle replica for his date. crack up at this snippet:

modern day patti.

i watched the uncf tribute to patti labelle last week. fantasia killed it. i need to see her live now. stay tuned for vintage saturdays - i'm going to feature a throwback from patti herself and let you decide who can compare these days.

and again:

fight in style.

seasoned and fabulous models, naomi campbell and linda evangelista resurfaced for a spring/summer dsquared2 ad campaign.

christian lacroix spring 09.


giorgio armani: spring 09 collection.


making whoopi.

i watch the view daily. it's on now.

i like whoopi. she is unapologetically who she is. and i will never forget her outstanding portrayal of celie. (beat her. lol. i couldn't resist).

whoopi dresses like she's sitting in her living room watching tv. and i somehow don't hate her for that.

but then i recall glam whoopi at last year's tony awards. who knew she had legs!

christian siriano made whoopi fierce. once again solidifying his own fierceness. loved it.

heidi klum.

heidi klum is a stunning beauty. she popped out, what 3 or 4 kids, and never skipped a beat. fabulous style.

time to get ill.

be retro fresh in this boombox watch by flud.

cathy pill: spring 09 collection.

never heard of her but love her vibe.



i like the tyra show more than the oprah show.

gq gives due props to andre 3000.

the very sui generis (and gorgeous) andre 3000 was recently selected as one of the best new designers of 2009 by gq. he launched benjamin bixby just a year ago, a 30s/40s - inspired collection with a modern twist.

rain can't stop the show: shuella.

i need to start a "why didn't i think of that?" tag.
shuella. that's short for shoe umbrella.
founder, rebecca miller, came up with the idea because everytime it would rain she had nothing cute to protect her shoes. these durable cuties are small enough to fit in your handbag and come with a cloth to clean up excess water. these come in typical shoe sizes and can be worn over any size heel. brilliant.


sag awards.

the sag awards went down last evening. i didn't watch. but i happened to turn on the pre-show on the red carpet just when america ferrera was on:

she wore vera wang. i think america is a gorgeous girl but not too sure about this dress ...

here are some others:
viola davis, nominee for doubt was absolutely radiant in this david meister gown.
i liked christina applegate in this emanuel ungardo gown.
eva longoria always looks red carpet gorgeous; she wore a jenny packham gown.
and taraji henson looked pretty in a white herve leroux gown.

fashionably organized: gracienne.

during my winter cleaning i took a bunch of dollar-store plastic shoe boxes to the goodwill. they just weren't serving their purpose - the lids never stayed on, etc. not a good look .

so look what i stumbled upon on the world wide web this weekend - chic shoe boxes
by gracienne called clearly glam. kinda cool right. they come in sets of 6 and 12. so if you're on a mission to make your closet a bit more fabulous, then you may want to check these out.

remember when we used to rock: lopsided do's.

right now, some of you are probably like "used to?! ... i still do." well way before kelis and victoria rocked it, around the way 80s/90s girls were rocking it.

salt, pepa, and spin were the best examples. they went all out and shaved one side while the other side hung beneath their eyes.

i feel like i rocked this hair cut for years, now that i think about it. when it was in and when it was out. i was pressed to get this hair cut. you hear me? pressed. my first lopsided/asymmetrical/tilt whatever you want to call it was around '88 or '89. mom would take me down to 5th street every other saturday to get my hair did. we used to call curls on top of curls - stacks - so i'd get my stacks, hanging low on one side. the other side wasn't shaved but it was real short. swore i was cute.

then in high school, i rocked the asymmetrical once again minus the stacks. this time it was shaved in the back.

finally just a couple of years ago, kelis and victoria inspired me to do it once more. yup. i definitely wore this style out.


who knew i'd ever quote paris hilton.

"the only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. life is too short to blend in."
-- your girl, paris hilton


let's hear it for the boys!

let's take it back to 1984 - deniece williams! i remember riding in the car with my mom, i was probably in 1st or 2nd grade, while she blasted this song; she knew every word.


family guy spin-off.

tye loves the family guy. everytime we turn on the tv it seems to be on.

so i can't wait to tell him that i just read that there's going to be a spin-off to the show, the cleveland's. the cleveland's are the black friends of the family guy.

i also just read that sanaa lathan and reagan gome will be voice casted. nice. this should be good.