vintage music saturday: crush on you.

who remembers the jets? you got it all? make it real?

the jets were a family pop band out of minneapolis that formed in 1985. their run only really lasted about 5 or so years but they had several hits. they were super cute and super 80s.

here's there 1986 hit, crush on you:
"how did you know, cuz i never told ... you found out, i got a crush on you."

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The Jets - Crush On You



that's what i call fake louboutins: fouboutins.

we all know that you can't find a pair of genuine louboutins for less than $595. but that hasn't stopped sites from popping up and selling fake versions for $400 and less. a 20/20 special that aired last week, according to style list, explores the growing number of websites that are selling fouboutins. 80% of the fakes, they say, come from china.

in response, christian louboutin has launched stopfakechristianlouboutin.com to raise awareness and expose the sites that are peddling the fouboutins.

as i read the article, it was evident that louboutin's approach to combat the issue was to target the suppliers. however, there was no mention of the consumers that knowingly buy fake merchandise. i mean, you'd have to be living in a bubble to think that you got lucky enough to score a pair of genuine louboutins for 100 bucks. i don't care how super the sale is. did not thousands of people make regular trips to canal street in nyc once upon a time to cop the best looking phony coach, gucci, louis vuitton items they could find. and you know the dude who is pushing that "designer ish" in the hair salon on saturday morning isn't selling no real fendi for $20.

my point: these sites aren't pulling the wool over our eyes. it's a recession and some folks want to look good by any means necessary. they'll buy good fakes. willingly. check the seams, make sure the g's on the wanna-be gucci are actually g's and boom, you got yourself a sell. personally, i wouldn't bother much but whatever floats your boat.

i still believe that every chick should have at least 1 pair of louboutins. i mean their just so splurge-worthy.

what real looks like ... yum!

christian louboutin, clou noeud 150 studded slingbacks,$1,195, net-a-porter.com

judy garland said.

"always be a first-rate version of yourself,
instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
-judy garland


project runway 8 premieres tonight.

pr returns for its 8th season tonight on lifetime. will you be watching? i didn't watch last season or even the season before. i was a little done once they stiffed korto from the all star challenge. she was so obviously the winner.

some changes to the show include the air time: from 10 to 9PM and now 90 minutes instead of 60, to show more of the deliberation between the judges. there will be 17 contestants instead of 16 and there will be new twists and turns to keep the show interesting. i would have loved to see a refreshed panel of judges. nina irks me most of the time.

i don't know if i'll tune in this season. besides, omarosa's ultimate merger is on tv one at the same time. maybe i can catch up on saturdays.

last night, heidi klum, the show's host, attended the show's premier in nyc rocking a white jumpsuit, a cropped black blazer, red pumps and a pompadour hair do. also noticeable is the absence of any accessories. i've always said that klum is stunning and she's always dressed to kill. how do you like her look?

blumarine fall 2010.

i love everything this collection is saying.


cami mania.

i think you all can appreciate some good fashion news that i just scooped from the fashionista next door. old navy is having a not-so-secret $2 cami sale starting tomorrow, 7/29 through saturday, 7/31. just mention "cami 4 me" at the counter or print this coupon.

tanks are regularly $8.50. the limit is 5 but you know how we do - take your momma or your man and have them grab 5 more for you. i always need a cami and never have one so i'll be snatching a few.

photo courtesy of m80 via fashionista next door

thanks ife.

"uglier than precious."

if i hear fat joe say "uglier than precious" one more 'gain ... he says it in his song, haha and minutes ago just used the line to describe his flow on live tv, 106 and park.

um, am i the only one who doesn't notice much difference between their physical features. i didn't think so. i mean other than skin tone and some facial hair, not much. some may even say if we put a wig on him and sat him in some sun - they'd be twins! fat joe, stop. gq won't be calling you any time soon. and your flow is not that sick.

i'm just saying.

balenciaga by nico las ghesquiere.

statement steppers.


i survived my first zumba class!

that's it. that's all.

oh, how do i feel? accomplished. total body workout. if you've been thinking about trying it - go for it.

+ size high-end clothing coming to saks 5th avenue.

saks 5th avenue in new york will add size 14 and some sizes 16-20 to their designer lines. that includes chanel, dolce & gabana, oscar de la renta, valentino, yves saint laurent, alexander mcqueen, fendi, roberto cavali and a host of other high end labels. previously lines only went up to size 10.

the caveat? you'll probably only find one item in each size. well damn, saks. they say if the larger sizes sell well in nyc they'll extend it to sak stores throughout the country. while some of you don't obsess too much over labels anyway, it's still pretty cool that saks is recognizing that everyone isn't a size 0.

maranon accessories.

the commanders, $150

how dope are these embroidered shoulder pieces? i'm all about the accentuated shoulder look that we rocked so hard in the 80s and has since made a mean comeback (read more here). here's an unique spin to the concept: detachable pieces that clip on and off to clothing. i'm eyeing it.

designer's name is lorena and she's after my heart. she's only 21, born and raised in cuba and now residing in the beautiful miami beach area.

yes, that's thread, too. here's a better view:

basic geometry necklace, $95

check out more of lorena's goodies over at her etsy shop.

oh the talent! keeps me motivated and on my toes.


$5 sale at uo.

urban outfitters has 3 eclectic pages of items that you probably don't need for 5 bucks. but hey, it's a sale. tops, bottoms, shoes, make-up, jewelry ... yeh, just about everything for both women and men. i'm eyeing a pair of shades. click here for the goods.

tic tac clutch.

rucinski clutch, $20.98, aldo.com

that's what it looks like to me. tic tacs. kinda cute, right?


left. left right left.

i'm not sure how you're feeling about the work boot trend but i'm kinda digging it. and the latest fashion news is that dolce vita has designed a pair exclusively for tar'jay.

if you're 50/50 on the trend and not crazy about investing too much then these may be right up your alley. they're only $34.99. they're not real leather, though. harlem 's target got first dibs on a shipment today. the rest of us will have to wait until next month, august 22.

these could be hooked up in a plethora of ways. don't cha think?


vintage music saturday: tom's diner.

da da da da da da da. you know you thought this song was named that. like luka, suzanne vega has another catchy hit with this one. the diner she speaks of in this 1981 hit is actually tom's restaurant located on broadway and 112th street in new york. the restaurant would later become hugely popular thanks to the seinfeld show.

so you might have hummed along to this song but did you know what the heck she was talking about? not many of us really did but when we listen today we can catch on. the story is that she wrote the song after a photographer friend of hers said that "he saw his whole life through a pane of glass, and [...] like he was the witness to a lot of things, but was never really involved in them." so she wrote the song as that. confused? just listen ...


movies anyone?

this sunday only, 7.25, amc lowes theatres are offering any size popcorn or drink for a buck. click here to print your coupon. your welcome.

margaret mitchell said.

“my dear, i don't give a damn.”
-margaret mitchell

if i were a rich girl: balmain jacket.

balmain strong-shouldered motorcross jacket
my God, this jacket is baad.


rihanna in la.

our girl rihanna was in la last night performing at the staples center. she was spotted at the after party in this d&g, polka dot one-piece. and i'm feeling her red hair. how about you?

betty white's new clothing collection.

like you couldn't have seen this one coming. it's betty white mania right now. so the company, jerry leigh, is cashing in on her popularity. it's a limited edition line that includes t-shirts and hoodiebuddies, hoodies with washable earbuds and an imput jack attached.

like her calendar, proceeds will go to the morris animal foundation. white will also be paid a fee from the company for using her likeness.

well hey. why not?

pretty in purple.

and yes those bottoms are red. but of course.

$1,425, christianlouboutin.com

"you like me ... right now ... you like me."

... in my sally field voice.

carmen from carmen's closet has blessed me with my first blog award - the sunshine award. i'd like to thank God, my momma ... no, but seriously, this made me smile. just yesterday, i was thinking about wrapping this blog up for good. wasn't sure if this thing was on *taps imaginary mic, exits left*. but i don't know, maybe i'll stick around a little longer.

thanks carmen. be sure to check her blog out; i've been following for quite some time now.

so there's rules to this. and i will oblige. here we go:

-put the logo on your blog in your post.
-pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
-link the nominees within your post.
-let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blogs.
-share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

i pass the sunshine onto:

1.alee from alee's perspective; 2.kim from black style central; 3.savonne from stylish curves; 4.god gives us strength; 5.amandita from done n done; 6.felicia from da lipstick bandit; 7.country girl; 8.janique from her goody bag; 9.la dolce vita; 10.design scene; 11.dirty flaws; and 12. felisha from gardening in stilettos.

be sure to check out their blogs.

tougher than leather.

embossed lambskin leather mini-skirt
frank tell, $895
i do believe this is worth all eight hundred and ninety-five dollars.


teddy bear necklaces by disaya.

so how fun are these teddy bear necklaces from disaya's spring/summer 2010 line? cute or what. i want at least 3.

the limbs move!

check out the site.

diddy swings from chandeliers.

... in a photoshoot in an upcoming issue of gq.

i guess boys just wanna have fun, too, huh. what's your caption?

manu jewelry by laura manoogian.

diam necklace with paperclips, $125

triangle bangle, $105

half moon earrings with paperclips and leather, $118
i like. see these and more over at maryamnassirzadeh.com.


now playing: gyptian, hold ya.

camper mar peep toe pump: bike in style.

ok, ladies. it's week #2 of my fitness kick. i've been working out daily. jump rope, jumping jacks, crunches, walking, classes. yeh. all of that. hubby has a bike and wants to buy me one so we can add biking to our fitness routine. imagine seeing me ride down the street in these:

it's the camper mar bcn peep toe yellow pump and it was specifically designed for biking. i don't know about you but i don't necessarily feel my cutest while working out. sure, i have a little workout outfit that's pretty decent looking. but i'm hot. my hair is all pinned up and i have that struggling to get to 100 look. i'm all about my business when i'm working out. but for you fashion-all-the-time chicks, these may be just up your alley. i will be sticking to my sneaks but these definitely look comfy.

$127 @ publicbikes.com


i stole these shoes.

i mean basically. a couple of weeks ago i went into marshall's looking for a white button-up shirt and walked out with these:

n.y.l.a heet
lil something something. kinda cute, right? even cuter in person. i paid $35 and just so happened to see them today on endless.com for $119.95. can you say hype dot com! i love when that happens.

everything old is new again: penny loafers.

according to the folks over at vogue magazine, penny loafers are making a comeback. remember when we used to rock them and get excited over putting a new shiny penny in them?

but used is the operative word. i don't know about this comeback, yawl. i can totally see some fashionistas making these hot with their prep steeze. but personally, i'm not sure. i never say never, though. i need these shoe designers to put a nice little 2010 spin to the old school trend ... and then we may be on to a little something here. what do you think?

johnston and murphy ainsworth penny loafer, $130, nordstrom.com


vintage music saturday: 2 legit 2 quit.

front if you want but mc hammer was the man back in the day. most hate to acknowledge his relevancy in the music game but you can't deny him. his reign was short, comparatively speaking, but his mainstream appeal was incredible. dude had his own doll, his own cartoon (hammertime), several endorsements (pepsi, kfc, taco bell are just a few) and a fashion trend that will always be known as hammer pants. i don't know another rapper who has snagged that type of success. he could dance his ass off and i love watching him get it in his videos.

hammer has hung up the hammer pants and shiny shoes and now spends his time as a preacher. watch him in his 1991 hit, 2 legit 2 quit, featuring james brown ... love this.

get buck, get buck, get buck ...

scroll to the bottom and click the music player to mute the background music.


idris does ebony.

i spotted this gorgeous cover in the supermarket yesterday.
ebony, august 2010

forever 21 launches a maternity line.

brilliant. as popular as forever 21 is it makes total sense to expand your markets. love 21 is the chain's new maternity line. it's available online but only physically launching in 5 states: alaska, arizona, cali, texas and utah. the huff post cites a source that says that arizona, cali and texas have the highest percentage of teen pregnancy. think they had that in mind when they were deciding where to launch l21? likely. although many grown folks, myself included, shop in f21 from time to time.

gilda radner said.

"i'd much rather be a woman than a man. women can cry, they can wear cute
clothes, and they're the first to be rescued off sinking ships."
-gilda radner


tsurubride clutches: can you carry an alligator?

how about a panda? or a killer whale?

tsurubride says you can. why? she designs them. they're made to order clutches with animal shape exteriors and interiors small enough to hold your essentials. different, right? check her out over at etsy. she's got a few more things over there. would you rock one?