dig it or bury it: bottomless amber does atl.

so our girl amber sure does know how to bring them out. she hosted a party at a club in atl on black friday and i hear folks were nearly knocking down doors to be a part of her shindig.
the leather vest is pretty hot. but can you co-sign the no-bottom look? you tell me. amber's look: dig it or bury it? dig it means you love it; bury it means you're not feeling it.

can someone refresh my memory and tell me where this trend orginated? i'm tempted to say beyonce. am i right? and while i don't consider b a natural fashionista, even she didn't rock it off the stage.

super sick.

super 2009 fall/winter sunglasses

graffiti couture.

mag: french vogue, nov 09
model: raquel zimmerman
stylist: emmanuelle alt
photographer: mario sorrenti
artist: kaws



tv one did an unsung marathon last night! yes! teena marie was on there so today's vintage saturday pick goes to her. i used to love this song ... 1984, lovergirl by teena marie ... sing it girl.



rih rih's rated r launch party.

will i ever lose interest in checking what rihanna is wearing? probably not. i mean look at the louboutins! the louboutins!

rihanna enjoyed her rated r launch party last night at the juliette superclub in new york. not sure if this picture is big enough to do the outfit much justice but it's a gold and spikey number with the spikey shoes to match.



rih rih's ama performance outfit.

rihanna hit the stage at the american music awards last night in this outfit. i believe this was her first live performance since the whole chris brown fiasco back in february. performance seemed a bit scattered to me - kinda sloppy - but nice to see her back to her business.
but as for the outfit: loving it, hating it, or whatever it?

amerie does honey mag.

check out amerie's interview and more of her fabulous pix over at honeymag.com:

dear kanye.

dear kanye,
thank you for being a real butthole at the mtv video music awards. i really racked up at the american music awards last night. i was on my way to stardom but thanks to you i'm now a household name.
with all my love,
taylor swift

turn up the heat in the kitchen: stylish aprons.

so only 3 days away from a whole lotta eating. but first you gotta do a whole lotta cooking. or someone does. so on my way home today, i got to thinking about stylish aprons. i googled it and this is what i found:

kinda cute, right? $34.99 and up over at specialtyaprons.com. they also have aprons for hair stylists. check it out.


a. keys new jewelry line.

alicia keys has teamed up with gisele theriault to create her new line called the barber's daughter. prices will retail from $85 to $2,500 and will be sold at thebarbersdaughter.com.

umm. ok.

around the way girl.

"i don't want ivana, i want tawanna." lol
1990, ladies love cool james, around the way girl:


rodarte joins target.

kate and laura mulleavy of rodarte have designed a limited edition collection exclusively for target. it's set to launch on december 20. look for their dark romance signature style.


cassie, we really like your rodarte boots.

thigh highs. we hear they're about 4 g's (if i was a rich girl, now playing in my head). we like. the whole outfit: co-signed.

my future kids will be a problem.

british designer, stella mccarthy has teamed up with gap to create a kid's line. line is scheduled to launch this month.
omg. i could just picture little tye tye in his blazer ... and he isn't even born yet.

ysl says.

"i wish i had invented blue jeans. they have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all i hope for in my clothes."
- yves saint laurent

ysl rouge volupte.

red kisses!
i'd say that $34 is well worth it for the ysl rouge volupte silky sensual radiant lipstick in red temptation.
i love red lips. and whenever i skip or go light on the eye shadow, i usually go for the bright red lips.
it comes in 26 other colors and it's spf 15. yslbeautyus.com


michelle williams' alter ego shot.

this is one of my favorite derek blanks alter ego shot:
church girl vs. secular artist.
other fabulous shots:

makeup forever and ever.

i know i'm not the only one who finds a lipstick, falls in love with a lipstick and by the time i've used it up can't find it anywhere. not ulta. not sephora. not cvs. nowhere.

well i just read of 2 sites that have us covered: threecustom.com and giella.com. three custom has a huge database of discontinued makeup, not just lipstick, which they'll recreate for you. giella will take your old lipstick tube or nail polish bottle and recreate it.

this type of brilliance keeps me motivated yawl! find a market, work a market. bravo!


cool like dat.

weren't too many others fusing a jazzy sound with hip hop back in 1994. i was in 11th grade and a straight hip hop head. even then i knew this was a cool diversion from the typical rappers dominating the radio stations.
digable planets ...

random fact: butterfly, 1/3 of the former group, has a son by coko, formerlly of swv

yes, this is tiny.

no, your eyes aren't deceiving you. ti's future wifey, tiny, looks fabulous at her recent photoshoot. keep it up, girl. fabulous look for you.


halle and tyra are too cute.

love this photo taken by another cutie, d-nice.

z gallerie bottle stoppers.

cheers! crystal wine bottle stoppers.
thank me later for all these cute, inexpensive christmas gift ideas i'm giving you.
$16.95, zgallerie.com


wale does honey mag.

"it's about the intangibles in 2010. the superficial shit is cool - like yeh she can fuck, or she got a big butt. that's the x factor. we're not going to have sex 24/7 so we need to be friends. i want a girl who can hijack all her extra artificial cosmetics for a week and not even notice ... i can't stand girls who don't challenge their intellect. it don't hurt if she can sing a little bit"
big ups to solange who's got wale open! and i love it. juicy's got em crazy, got em crazy, got em cold going mad.
slide on over to honeymag.com and read what else wale is talking about. have i mentioned that i really, really dig this dude? he's so refreshing.

she's a bad mama'jama.

just as fine as she can be.
$1,295, devikroell.com


rih rih is glamour woman of the year.

rihanna was honored as one of glamour magazine's women of the year last night. the dress is Stunning. yeh, it really deserved the capital S. hate if you want, but um, you really just can't.

dior vernis in black sequins.

black nail lacquer with specks of silver. i want this now.
$20, sephora.com

michael kors very hollywood perfume ring.

i say this is too cute. my husband says it's too corny. our first newlywed quarrel. lol. joking.
anywho, a fabulously gaudy cocktail ring hides michael kors' new scent (i think it's new) very hollywood. i can't wait to smell it; the name alone is selling me.
'tis the season ... i think this will make a cute christmas gift.
$40, sephora.com

have you ever had shoes without shoestrings?

what's that? baby these heels.

miu miu, $750.

fashion game book.

want to buy a gift for your favorite fashionista? of course you don't. you want to buy it for yourself. how about this:
the fashion game book is full of q's and a's and quizzes, accompanied by vivid photos. covers designers like zac posen and marc jacobs and all aspects of fashion - from high, runway fashion to jeans and tees.
check it out and tell me how it is.


versace's good deeds.

donatella versace teamed up with whitney museum and created art unites, a children's charity. 1,400 kiddos were able to translate their vision of friendship on versace totes. proceeds for each one of a kind tote will go to a children's foundation here in the u.s. and another in china.

if citi would let me skip my december mortgage payment.

... i could buy this:
i'm loving this leopard pencil skirt by d&g. 550 pounds. buy it here.

zoe kravitz teams up with vera wang.

look who's the new face for vera wang's princess perfume:

jimmy choo. h&m. this saturday.

why do i have a feeling most of you we'll be stopping by h&m this saturday? probably because jimmy choo's collection hits the store. jimmy choo at h&m prices ... sounds pretty exciting to me. enjoy!


spell check is your friend.

just today i was thinking that facebook needs spell check. yes, i was an anal english major and although i sometimes have no room to talk (miss write-everything-in-lower-case; excessive comma use; write how i talk ... yeh, yeh, i know) i always notice big, dumb spelling errors on my fb folks' status updates. oh well. and if you use an iphone like me and are still getting used to the touch screen, you probably have big dumb errors on everything you type, too.
well, whoever (or is it whomever?) handles the street signs down in atl may need spell check too. or better yet, a proofreader. they finally corrected this sign after 2 years of being wrong. dead wrong.
come on atl. 2 years, though?


i'm counting on my husband to take me on a date to see precious. it's based on the novel "push" by saphire which i wasn't strong enough to finish. it was too depressing and i sat it down years ago and never picked it back up.
but if the previews are any indication then this movie is fantastic. i'm thinking oscar for miss monique just from the previews. paula patton, mariah carey, sheri shepard and gabby sidibe, who plays precious join monique in the story of an illiterate teen who struggles to overcome abuse at the hands of her parents.

go plum.

one of the first things the nail ladies say to you, after "sign in", is "pick a color." how about something like plum night by revlon.
i like it. i like it a lot.


amerie does elle.

check out amerie in elle magazine:
more pix over at elle