bye blogger. hello tumblr. come visit me.


that's all folks.

one saturday afternoon back in 08, september i think, i randomly decided to start a blog. i said i'd do it until i no longer felt like it anymore.

the other day lanvin debuted at h&m. i saw flicks from my friends on the book of the crazed crowds and long lines and wristbands. i said to myself, i'd never do that shit. gasp. although i can't be the only fashionista who wouldn't brave the chaos for lanvin at h&m, it was a very defining moment for me.

love fashion. always will. i get it from mom and pop dukes. but it's time to concentrate on some other things. like interior design. nowadays, i'm obsessed with interior decorating and planning how i'm going to decorate my new house. and i like reading really good fashion blogs by others. it's so many out there. and just not enough hours in the day to put the energy into running my own daily blog. time for a lane change.

so with that, i'm exiting stage left. her steeze lives on. i'm keeping that name for some future plans. and i may make a grand entrance on tumblr. i like tumblr.

to all 11 of my readers (lol, ok maybe 38) friend me on the book. let's stay in touch.

shoelace necklaces by sarah clendening.

shop here
sn: support independent designers! they're dope.

if i were a rich girl: burberry blazer.

this is the type of blazer is classic. you can wear it over and over, year after year. and you only have to scrape up a measely $1,995.

check out another view at burberry.com.

cheap wine.

$7.99 or less

gotta love cheap wine that actually tastes great. my personal fave is pinot grigio by yellow tail. i keep a bottle on deck. and i'm pretty sure it'll taste great with your turkey on thursday. cheers!

stuff from knock knock.

toodles (or ciao, sincerly, etc.) stamp, $10

paper tweet notepad, $4.50

vouchers for your co-workers, $8.00

find these and a bunch of other interesting and totally (un)necessary things from knock knock, a tongue-in-cheek gift and stationery shop.


rihanna inspired my new hair-do itch.

the eagles played (another vick-tory, thank you) so of course that was on my tv screen last night. but i did catch a peek of rihanna opening the ama's. i realize that popular belief is that this blog stans for ms. rih rih. and we do. most of the time. she has her misses, especially lately. but for the most part, i dig her steeze. she has that don't-give-a-$hit youthfulness about her - i've always kinda liked that.

with that said, i thought her performance was cute last night. i said "go rih rih" as she winded and dipped it low. no, she doesn't blow like a monica but she has an unique sound that will grow on you. ok, well maybe.

so on to the new hair do itch. my short black do is my signature but somehow her curly-fry red weave had me inspired to switch it up a bit. nothing spectacular but kinda cute. who am i kidding? all of that hair on my head would drive me coo-coo. i'd be ready to pull it out in a day. two days tops.
pretty elie saab gown, too.

her performance:

the closet of my dreams.

... is actually a spare bedroom. for years i've been intrigued with the idea of converting a bedroom to a walk-in closet. i may soon have my chance. God willing.

how hot is that? bubbling. ladies, i've spent the last 4 years making 2 humble closets work. how i did it, i couldn't tell you. my vision is my own little boutique. a center island for jewelry, a full length mirror, a bench or chair.

i could store my fall and winter threads on one side and my spring and summer on the other. it wouldn't be an excuse to buy too many clothes. seriously, it wouldn't. at least twice a year i go through all of my clothes and donate anyway. but the idea of space, a good view and reaching for that blazer without knocking everything down excites me.

i needed some visuals for reference so i googled some examples. i think a trip to ikea may be in the near future:


jump spread out.

yeh i'm taking it way back. who remembers jamalski? this song used to knock at the house parties. one of my buddies on the book posted this a few weeks ago and i was hype. i almost forgot about this one.

truthfully, i probably can easily decipher a total of 15 words in the whole song but whatever he was saying it was hot. i was never a huge, huge fan of reggae but i remember when it really started to get hot around our way. i think it was the early 90s, but don't quote me. dolly my baby. super cat. shabba. patra. lady saw. had us up in the parties doing the butterfly and all of that.

"when it comes to sex i have a college degree, phd in sexology ... "

Jamalski-jump spread out

and the cutest photo of the week goes to:

... miss willow smith.

she tells w magazine:

"mommy & daddy inspired me to be a performer, i get my flow from daddy,
my singing ability from mommy, and the camera stuff from both.
that’s just what happens when you hang out with the smiths."


these belong on my feet.

i mean are these hot or what?!
palais mohawk pumps, purple suede


nina simone said.

i would like a man now who is rich, and who can give me a boat - a sailboat.
i want to own it and let him pay for it. my first love is
the sea and water, not music. music is second.
-nina simone


tougher than leather.

this jacket is tough.

jean paul gautier, $3,995


a bit of a hiatus.

... but i'll be back! wait for me.


j. lo and her twins pose for gucci.

i think this is the first time i've ever seen j. lo with her babies.

but anywho, she and her super cute 2.5 year old twins, max and emme, struck a few poses for gucci's new kid's line. adorable.


whip my hair.

yawl know this knocks. i wish people would kill the noise about willow smith (daughter of will and jada smith) being exploited. i watched her last night on one of the news shows and she's such a cute kid. she's not trying to be too grown or anything. she spoke about her dad covering the youtube comments so she couldn't read them. my perception is that the smiths are stellar parents who are blessed enough to let their kids express their unique and fabulous talents to the world. under supervision. you wouldn't do the same?



usher does ebony.

another commemorative cover to celebrate ebony's 65th anniversary. usher remakes sammy davis, jr's cover. can't wait to see the others. bravo, ebony.

rainkissed leaves from bath & body works.

yawl know i love my lotions - soft, supple skin is a must. the hotel we stayed in last week offered bath & body works toiletries. a plus. the scent was rainkissed leaves and i'm a fan.

let me digress for a moment and reflect on the genius of bath & body works. i think it'll be around forever. it has to be #1 in sales during christmas. i know each of you get at least one gift from b&b per year.

anywho, there's a little something for everyone there. some of the scents are a little too much. back in the day, smelling like a georgia peach was sexy to me - i rocked the peach scent faithfully. but now i go for less bold scents. well sometimes. it just depends.

rainkissed leaves is a part of their signature collection. it's subtle, light, fresh and clean. there's a hint of a grassy, cucumber smell that's great to wear in the spring or summer or just a sunny day. i use it as a hand lotion but at some point i may pick up the eau de toilette or fragrance mist to wear as an every day scent.

just thought i'd share. what are your favorites from b&b?

lauryn hill said.

"... they didn’t understand how female and strong work together.
or young and wise. or black and divine.”
-lauryn hill


coach returns to class.

some folks, after all these years, still love a coach bag. i walked past the outlet store last week and it was packed like they were giving something away. while some folks feel like coach fell way off some time after they went crazy with the monogrammed c collections and the other super trendy styles. i identify with the latter group.

back in the day, my mom was on coach hard. so naturally i had a thing for it, too. i remember thinking i was cute when my mom sent me a big, black coach bag for my birthday during my freshman year in college. my housemate (what up regan!) rocked a big(ger), red one. hot. i always saw the coach brand as classic. a bag that you could pull out of your closet year after year and it would still be as rock'able as when you first got it. but it lost that at some point.

i say all that to say that coach just may be returning to the basics, according to the ladies over at fashionista. they previewed the spring 2011 collection and it's looking pretty good. i'm going to keep an eye out for the rest of the collection. here's a small preview. i'm a sucker for a big bag so i could dig these a size or two bigger:


mary j. blige does ebony.

mary j. blige will grace the cover of ebony's 65th anniversary issue. the cover is a remake of diana ross' 1970 cover. the cover was gorgeous then and it's gorgeous now. love it.

i hear that taraji henson will also grace a cover as diahann carroll.

i love the ciphers.

i look forward to the bet hip hop awards for the ciphers alone. while i read a significant amount of disdain from my facebook friends about the awards and bet in general, i kinda enjoyed the show. for one, with all due respect, my expectations weren't tremendously high. i mean, it is what it is.

but how can you not like the old school tributes? salt n pepa! i wanted to be those chicks when i was a young girl. although i would have liked to see bet bring the new school ladies of hip hop out on stage to sing some of s n p's old hits, i still appreciated the tribute. i learned that their asymetrical hair do's happened by accident thanks to a bad dye job from pepa's cousin. i also remembered just how many trends they set with their fashion - ripped jeans, bodysuits, etc.

of course, i liked the surprise visit from digital underground and the tribute to pac. b-o-b was good. host, michael epps was hilarious especially when he came out in the shiny suit and was imitating diddy. the dude from roc nation - what's his name? - was good, too.
but my absolute favorite are the ciphers. it made me text my brother and thank him because i really owe my love for hip hop to him. big ups to bet for the father son cipher. loved it. but the absolute best of the night was the g.o.o.d music cipher with kanye. kanye is tough. if you ain't convinced by now ...

and the father son cipher with ice cube and sons + run and sons:

see the other ciphers here.

and no i won't mention the wacka flacka and antoine dodson foolishness. oh, i just did.

lala in christian lacroix.

lala vazquez arrived to espn's body issue party last night in this christian lacroix dress. i'm not loving this dress. at all. but i love lala's glow. she looks happy and comfortable and i give her one "i know that's right girl" for showing off her new body. gunnar peterson hooked her up.


my new favorite perfume.

while on our beach vacation last week, hubby and i decided to replenish our smell-good inventory. i fell in love with christian audigier (you know, the guy behind the ed hardy collection) and decided that it had to leave with me.

i wasn't quite sure how to describe the scent to you other than to tell you that it smells good. but the experts describe it as: "top notes of blackberry, pomegranate and tangerine; middle notes of coconut, magnolia and orchid; and a base of indonesian sandalwood, amber and woods."

so yeh, what they said. i can also add that initially i thought it was an evening scent but i am now convinced that it can be either day or evening. it's not too heavy.

what's your favorite perfume?

at last: the magic potion for zits.

ladies (and gents), that 1 oz bottle pictured above is the not-so-secret solution to zit control. trust! it's acne treatment gel by mary kay. a dab goes a long way and dries up blemishes within a couple days. note: i recommend using it directly on blemishes, not all over your face - it'll dry you out.
7 bux. cop it here.


blogger erased my follow list.

i was following a gazillion blogs and now i'm not. thanks a lot, blogger. %$*#!

i'll re-follow you. eventually.


when i first checked out the pnkElephant, a hot accessories e-shop, i had no idea that kijafa frink was the owner. who is kijafa you ask? the fiance of one of the best quarterbacks (don't hate) in the nfl, michael vick (e-a-g-l-e-s).

i'm a fan. it's a cute and simple site with cute and affordable rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. did i say affordable? glad to see that someone hasn't forgotten about the every day fashionistas (with every day bills) who still want to look cute without skipping their car note payments. right?! right. here's some of my favorites:

black stud bow bracelet, $12

spike ring, $10 (also available in silver)

cage ring, $14 (also available in pew and gold brass)

long layers neclace, $20 (also available in silver)

mama needed a new pair of shoes.

so what did she do? she bought 2!

so what's up with the peep toe craze? i can dig it but i can barely find a shoe without an open toe. like these suede wedgies by bcbg. it was love at first sight. i guess i better stock up on some opaque socks and fishnets.

and i'm sure you've seen what i like to call the nana shoe trend. you know the shoes that look like someone's great, great grandma used to wear. not sure how much justice my iphone snapshot does for these but they are quite sexy. it was also love at first sight.

oh how i love shoe shopping.


bundle up.

double breasted trench coat
by bcbg
$279 (enter columbus10 for free s&h)
love this.

oak my gosh.

(oak my gosh)

oak letter panel high waisted jeans
by oak

coco chanel said.

"fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas,
the way we live, what is happening."
-coco chanel


vintage music saturday: anniversary.

365 days! tomorrow marks me and my hubby's 1st year anniversary. we plan to celebrate quite properly. but of course.

love my baby from head to toe. my best friend. with benefits. blessed is an understatement.

here's tony! toni! tone! singing anniversary (1993).

"tomorrow will come and [boy] i can't wait, it's our anniversary."

click on the music player at the bottom of the screen to mute the background music.


breast cancer awareness month starts today.

do good and be cute with this simply vera wang coin purse. proceeds go to charities that fight breast cancer. comes in grey, light pink and fushia (as seen above). $10.
purchase here at kohl's.

dr. seuss said.

"you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep
because reality is finally better than your dreams."
-dr. seuss


now playing: lady saw, if i were a rich girl.

rising up.

not really old, not really new. my ish. rising up by the roots (philly!) featuring chrisette michelle and my man wale. good music:

would you rock a turban?

... or a headwrap that looks like one? solange was spotted looking supa-flyy at the launch of guess seductive at the colony in la. turbans are the new rage although some folks (think e. badu) have been rocking them since way back. i'm loving her look. not sure if i'll participate in this trend but i'm digging it. co-signed!

heidi klums hands in her angel wings.

after a 13 year collaboration, heidi klum will leave victoria's secret. She told the page six, "all good things have to come to an end. i will always love victoria's secret. it has been an absolutely amazing time."

always good to walk out on your own instead of being booted. she had a great run.

i'm wearing my new boots today.

because it's raining and it's pouring and i'd rather be home snoring. but i'm up and at 'em. the weatherman says it's gonna rain all day and i really wasn't sure which side of the closet to pull from. although i'm pretty ready for fall fashion, part of me is reluctant to say farewell to flip-flops and linen.


vintage music: every little step i take.

my hubby just showed this to me and i am rolling. remember bobby's brown 1988 smash, every little step i take? this jawn used to rock ... i just sat here reciting the whole song.

you've gots to see this spoof featuring wayne brady, 50 cent and bobby brown. hilarious. bahaaaaaaa. i can't stop laughing at tyson's no-rhythm having behind.

click the music player at the bottom of the screen to mute the background music.

mister boots.

i saw these boots and i immediately thought of mister. like as in the color purple mister. kinda funny. i'm kinda iffy about these but in general i'm digging the combat style boots trend. it screams comfort and chill. there's always gonna be room for the overtly-sexy look but i appreciate the covertly-sexy steeze once and a while too. could you rock these:

werner, steve madden, $159.95
what do you think? yay? nay?