rules are made to be broken: suede in the rain.

so last night i bought some simply cute suede boots, thinking depending on how i feel, i'd wear them today. well i'm feeling them today despite the gray, off and on light rain in maryland. i remember biggie schooled me on his life after death cd back in like '96: "... silly cat wore suede in the rain ..." and i quickly learned that it was a no no.
but what the hell. i'm wearing my suede boots today. i mean it's not a torrential downpour or anything. i'm such a rebel.
so tell me. what fashion rules do you break?

sarah rutson (fashion director of lane crawford) said f it too. check her out in red suede balmain boots. those are the hotness. i'd wear them in seattle and really wouldn't care!

alyssa norton handpiece.

genius of jewelry designer, alyssa norton, to take the traditional indian style - a panja is a bracelet and ring combined by chains - and make it mainstream. "historically, jewelry has been about adorning the whole body - not just wearing necklaces and bracelets or earrings," she says.
i'd so rock this. (a cheaper version of course; the one above is $805). would you?


quote this.

" i am nobody. nobody is perfect. therefore, i am perfect."

-- da lipstick bandit's facebook status

teyana taylor's dope lips.

finally found out today how teyana taylor is staying relevant. she has her own lipgloss line called dope lips. i'll be checking for it. why not? beautiful girl. here are a couple of her promo pix:

chanel iman.

chanel arrived pretty to the gq gentleman's ball in nyc last night. absolutely love her dress.


i've learned not to expect much from the bet hip hop awards but i absolutely love the freestyle cyphers. did black thought kill it last night or what? philly philly! mos def an enimem ripped it too. watch:

kanyeezy's glow in the dark tour book.

necole bitchie posted some pretty cool pix out of kanye's new book: glow in the dark tour book. the book features raw pix of kanye and his celebrity friends and details his life on and off stage.

i fool with kanye. that's my boy.

here are a few:

oh rocsi.

honeymag.com interviewed your girl rocsi.
slide on over there to see the rest of the pix. rocsi irks me to the point where i usually have to switch the channel. but the spread is cute and the interview is pretty interesting. and of course i'm loving the acid washed shirt she has on in the above picture.

mrs. obama does glamour.


rihanna's rated r.

rihanna's new album cover is pretty hot. love the black and white.


i miss you.

no, really, i do. and you'll never believe it. i'm having more problems with my laptop.

and i'm putting them on blast. toshiba! don't buy a toshiba laptop.

first my keyboard abruptly stops working. now my laptop just won't charge. cord looks fine but the thing won't charge. so last night, i realize my laptop's been plugged up but not charging. i have about 20 minutes of juice left so i decide to google "toshiba laptops charging problems." and look what we have here. several other folks complaining about the same thing.

i'm too through. they'll send me another one. yeh, but in 7-10 business days. bite me.

anyway, why am i sharing this long story with you? you guessed it. i'll be down for the next "7-10 business days" until they send me a new cord.

i'll then return. miss me. cause i'll miss you.



quote of the day.

"it's so cool to be different."

-- yours truly.

that's it. that's all.


kim kardashian does kurv.

kim k. put on her best barbie impression for her recent kurv photoshoot.

hot chick.

mama used to say.

what yawl know about junior. remember junior?
and mama use to say ... don't you rush to get old ... live your life!


dior suede folies diamante heels.

what you gonna do with these? or better yet, what wouldn't you do with these?


french vogue does blackface.

my sister sent me an article about this french vogue hoopla that i'm sure you've been hearing about.

you didn't hear? lara stone appeared in a 14-page editorial in blackface.

people are hot. they say: blackface is offensive. or there are plenty of black models, why not hire an actual black model.

and then there are others. they think french vogue was being artistic.

so i ask you. what do you think? speak on it. don't be scurred.

monica does upscale.

chloe freja origami clutch.

(sidenote: i think this is a year or so old but hot nonetheless)


lola by marc jacobs.

what lola wants ... lola gets. i'm singing. anyone smell this yet? me neither. but the name and the bottle sells me all by itself. gotta check this one out.


chocolate, anyone?

lance gross.

tortoise silver bottle neck lamp.

love it. $425, moderndose.com

echo wool/cashmere gloves.

stay cute and warm in these ruffle gloves from echo. comes in 7 different colors. $28, echodesign.com


christian louboutin feather and satin pump.

"my, oh my, my, my, my, my, you sure look good tonight"
-- johnny gill

my. oh. my. marchesa.

speechless at georgina chapman's spring 2010 collection:


5 star chick - remix.

my ish.

i want to go to a halloween party.

but my circle doesn't exactly get into halloween. i told someone i hadn't dressed up for halloween in my adult life and she gasped. no really, she gasped. she looked at me as if i was such a goober.
can someone please have a halloween party and send us an invite? i want to have fun with it. me and tye could dress up as ike and tina. or something. i always said i'd dress up in something sexy. like a sexy cop or something.

i swore obama would be the #1 costume pick this year. but i'm sure mj has him beat. i'd rock this one:
from party city ($39.99) minus the soul glo jheri curl.
what are you being for halloween?

so who went to see chris rock's good hair movie?

i should have but i was too lazy this weekend. reviews? i'm gonna try to get the hubby to take me on a date to see it this week.
by the way, shirt is $23.95 on zazzle.com


cazal fresh.

j (alongside a rod's honey, kate hudson) cheered on the yankees at their game the other day clad in his old school/new school cazal's. love it. cazal's remind me of my childhood so much. i was a little younger than the generation that rocked them but i always admired my older cousins and the rap dudes who sported them.

want them? you may be able to swing the $500 for them over at cazal-eyewear.com. style 607/doubledown

i guess these are for him but i'd so rock them.


"i's married now."

i'm back, ladies! well almost. wedding festivities are over and we'll be returning to our regularly scheduled program over here very soon. like monday.



my other bag is louis vuitton.

cotton canvas tote, $70, jessicakagancushman.com


bite me.

bite me rings, jessicakagancushman.com, $26