over in tokyo.

b and solange are over in tokyo promoting their samantha thavasa handbag collection at the new boutique, eight million. both look fabulous, even b in the herve leger dress that i've seen every celebrity and her mother wear - i'm not mad cause the dress gives instant body to anyone who slips into it. but i especially love solange's dress.


anyone else noticed how ciara is stepping up her game as of late? i'm loving this cover of right on. yep, right on is still alive and kicking, believe it or not. the cover is so old school and her look is too cute.

trick or treat.

i'm not sure why me and my immediate circle don't join in on the halloween festivities. never really have. the closest i've been to a costume party in my adult life was actually just a masquerade party.

still i know plenty of people who go all out on halloween, dressing up, and partying it up. although i will probably be out celebrating sgb's 3rd birthday and upcoming launch, i won't be attending any halloween parties. but if i was i'd come up with a hot 60s outfit - the fro would be fierce - or concoct a hot army fatigue outfit with cute boots.
these are cute too:


in a perfect world the launch of the new sgb site would be ready to be announced today, our 3rd birthday. but that's not the case.

good news is, the site is done. yes. my picky self has finally sent the developers the ok to deploy the site as of this past monday. so i guess it's finally safe to say that you can look for the new sgb to hit your screens very soon.

but even without the announcement of the new site quite yet, please feel free to wish us a happy birthday and many, many more. i can't believe it's been 3 years!


don't crack.

chilli is in a spread for the november issue of upscale magazine looking exactly like she looked the last time tlc had a cd. chick doesn't age and is still as fabulous as ever.


per john fairchild.

"style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. fashion is something that comes after style."
- john fairchild

for the coffee table.

a few years ago, my mom gave me soulstyle: black women redefining the color of fashion, an excellent, easy read with beautiful full color photography and a gorgeous addition to your coffee table.tonight i was paging through it and thought i'd share.

duane thomas pays tribute to all your favorites in film, tv, fashion, and music - from past to present - who've all helped to change the way this country defines fashion and beauty.

the captivating alek wek graces the covers and patti, tyra, lena, kim (pre-surgery), halle, diahann carroll, kelis, nia are just a handful of ladies gracing the inside pages.

the holidays are coming up - pick one up for your favorite fashionista or better yet keep it for yourself.


joan vs. carrie.

two of the hottest, former, tv fashionistas were played by sarah jessica parker and tracee ellis ross.
so you tell me who's the more fabulous of the two: joan or carrie? not tracee vs. sarah, but joan vs. carrie.

i couldn't find any "joan" pictures so these will have to suffice:


kev and rosey.

an old co-worker of mine sent me an email today announcing the launch of her new jewelry site - http://www.kevandrosey.com. just 3 years ago, we were sharing an office convincing eachother that we needed to ditch the 9 to 5 one day and pursue our own ventures. fabulous, rosey!

check out the site and see her collection of multi-length, semi precious stone necklaces.

say it ain't so, el.

remember debarge? el was the finest back in the day, back when sporting a little dippity-doo in your hair was actually acceptable for men . well he was knocked for possession of a controlled substance earlier this month and tmz has his photo (above) on blast.
i used to love me some debarge. in 3rd grade, me and a girl friend did a dance routine to this song for the school talent show. i'll have to find those pictures and post them, if you promise not to laugh.

on a serious note, pray that he gets the help he needs.

richie does jewelry.

so i finally got to the october issue of InStyle - it's about time since the november issue with b is already in stores - and I read that nicole richie now her has own jewelry line. It's called house of harlow 1960, named after her 9 month old daughter, and it features bohemian chic designs inspired by the 60s and 70s, her favorite decades for jewelry.
prices range from $50 to $250.

all about the ta-tas.

i saw a "save the ta-tas" bumper sticker on a car in a parking lot. being the google queen that i am i had to find out what it was all about.

save the ta-tas is all about breast cancer awareness, education, prevention and fighting for a cure to this dreadful disease that has affected so many of us.

join the fight and get geared up, a portion of every sale is given to breast cancer research.

for her:

your man can show his support to:

take care of your ta-tas and remember your monthly breast exams, ladies.



so me and tye are sitting up here having our typical happy hour, bugging and laughing about yesterday. yesterday i attended a banquet breakfast and almost lost it when a dude stood up at the podium and sung two songs. why is an uncontrollable laugh at the most inappropriate time one of the best feelings in the world?
never did i think armstrong williams would pop up in any of my blogs but this is just how i felt yesterday. tell me this ish isn't funny.

armstrong is hilarious but the host is trying to be so calm, knowing he wants to laugh. this makes my stomach hurt.


1. who ... torie aka EurfChil
2. where ... in my african doll house in MD and NC
3. what I do ... full time student, aspirations of being one of the greatest educators to ever live.
4. what i love ... people, children, books, CLOTHES!!!, random trips on the metro
5. my style can be described as ... earthy, pink and pearls, mixed with a feminine boyish flare
bonus. my favorite fashion icons ... betsy johnson, rihanna, D2, andre 3000, erykah badu, and kelis
double bonus. if i could have a martini with anyone it would be ... my grandmother (that's my life) but i would put apple cider in her glass(she doesn't drink)

cool photoshop effects by lawrence "ChosenArts" steward


live life.

i was shocked and sad when i heard that jennifer hudson's mom and brother had been killed yesterday in their chicago home. i always take news like this kinda hard because i can't imagine how they suffered and how the love ones they leave behind are feeling. my condolences.

live life - you just never know. life can change in a split second.

mj at his best.

you know how we do on saturday - old school music saturdays with all of my favorite throwbacks.

i was 2 when this came out. good music - still relevant almost 30 years later. you know you want to get up and dance to this:


"i'm not the one to scrabble with."

i was impressed with the bet hip hop awards last night. you? i love when mc lyte, yo yo, salt n pepa, and spin came out and took us back to their heydey. energy seemed cool, too, with all the vote obama encouragements and the highlights on philanthropic efforts. gotta love it.

my favorite part of the show was the cipher: ace hood, juelz, fab, and jada. hot is an understatement.

polish is so '07.

yooo, i've just been put on to the newest nail fashion phenomenon and i must share.

so have you ever noticed how in fashion spreads, or tv, the models'/celebs' nails always look so smooth and perfect. well, it's probably something called minx.

minx is a solid nail coating that comes in foil and metallics and is made of film. not polish. the cute thing is that you can customize with any photo or logo. you can opt for a solid metallic color or you can match it with your wardrobe and customize to your liking. rocking a lot of plaid this season? minx can feature the exact pattern and colors.

celebs are on it, of course. b's a fan. angela and vanessa simmons are down. eve rocked a customized look and put our man, obama on her nails. even cuter is it doesn't chip. and if you're impatient like me, there's no drying time. there is a God. and there are no chemicals involved in the application. minx is removed by a peeling process.

janice jordan, the founder and CEO of minx, inc. came up with the brilliant idea that i wish i had come up with myself. she was later joined by her friend, dawn lynch-goodwin. they announced the new phenomenon back in january. i guess i'm a little late, huh?

i've already located a salon near me that does it. check out http://www.minxnails.com/ and learn more.

knowles fever.

word on the street is that beyonce and solange are planning to tour. together. it's said to be a 110-date world tour starting in april of next year.


preserving his swexy.

diddy made the cover of the october issue of lu'omo vogue.

only kanye.

check out a promo picture for kanye's 808's & Heartbreak upcoming album. this picture is nerd meets i'll blow this place up meets ... i don't know, something. never a dull moment with him. i thank him for giving me some music to actually look forward to these days:

stand out.

so last night we went to the music concert at our church to kick off reid's 44th anniversary. tye tribbett was the minister. i've never really followed him but he is crazy funny, real, and animated.

he had a whole lot to say but one thing that stood out was how he talked about we, as a society/young people, make God corny. how we don't talk about Him with our friends as if it's not cool to do so. i thought that was deep and true - and his energetic mannerisms made it that more entertaining.

anywho, after seeing him last night, i thought i'd post a few pictures. he's a pretty dapper dude and known for his sui generis swag. his new cd, stand out, which i haven't heard, is in stores now.

make-up artists: your turn.

there are reality shows for models and designers. why not make up artists?

lifetime presents blush: the search for the next great make-up artist. contestants will live in together in LA and compete for a contract as a professional artist with max factor, $100,000 cash, and the opportunity to do the make-up for an InStyle photo shoot.

show premieres tuesday, november 11 at 10 pm. you watching?

p.s. - ayesha, if you're reading this, this has your name all over it.

under the weather.

so my laptop is a little ill right now and i won't be replacing it until next week. i'm going to keep the posts coming but if they seem a little slow between now and then, that's why. i'll be back in full business just in time to for sgb's 3rd birthday - oct.31.
and if anyone has any laptop recommendations, send them my way.

ear candy.

vintage earrings, sgb, available fall '08
all sgb photographs are the property of sgb. all rights reserved.


the ultimate hustler.

diddy made yet another power move after buying the enyce label from liz claiborne, inc. if anyone can revive the label's popularity, he can.

out & about.

is it the make-up or does this chick's skin just flawlessly glow! i like megan goode's style. it's eclectic. she seems like she kinda just does her, no huge over the top, stylist influence. simple. can't really explain it but it works. what you think?

on the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie, Saw V

eve and the girl from high school musical, yeh her, at an us weekly party in ny:

and solange is overseas promoting her newest album. love the look!

exuded sexy.

miss atiya for sgb.
photography by fotoboi, philly, summer '08
distressed skinny jeans,sgb, available fall '08
skull wife b, sgb,available fall '08
vintage earrings, sgb, available fall '08
relaunch coming sooner or later :)
stay tuned.
all sgb photographs are the property of sgb. all rights reserved.


stay relevant.

whether you win or don't, these contestants on these reality shows need to work the mess out of the opportunity to do whatever they want to do in the industry. simply being a winner of ANTM doesn't guarantee you success. think of all the past winners on ANTM. how many of them do you actually see? it's annoying that some win and then fall off the face of the earth. if they planned to stay low after winning, i'm sure it was some other model wanna-be out there that would have loved to have her spot.

obviously not the case for bianca golden who came pretty close but didn't win on cycle 10. here's a few pictures from her recent shoot with famed, ATL photographer derek blanks.