gabrielle union switches it up.

and we love it! new hair and a cute and fun little outfit ... co-signed!
gabby at the bet awards late night after party at union station in l.a.

olivetti manual typewriter.

i'm determined to buy an old school typewriter.
also comes in white, $140, urbanoutfitters.com


mj shirts!

did you get your mj shirt yet? i like these:
19.99, these and more over at www.michaeljackson09.com

thoughts on last night's bet awards.

i have nothing bad to say about anyone's fashion choices for last night's bet awards. and while everyone is swearing the awards sucked, i give bet an A for pulling together a mj tribute in less than 2.5 days. the tribute was decent.

i thought jaime opened up the show wonderfully, clad in a mj thriller-type outfit. is it me or does jaime always seemed to be blaming it on the a-a-a-alcohol? party animal, he is.

loved the old school performances, the o'jays, maxwell and j. and in that order. i cried as soon as janet walked out. soulja boy jumped up out the bed ... literally. and tiny ... um ok, do you boo. neyo took his hat off. diddy looked mad every time the cameras were shot on him - maybe he's mad that they didn't let him diddy bop across the stage in honor of mj. love keri hilson but wasn't quite sure what was going on at the end of her performance. i could have done without ving rhames, or whatever his name is, weezy and drake. i just need folks to do better. please and thanks. o and i love my girl taraji (although i didn't like her dress). she reminds me of my cousin so much. she's beautiful and funny. and real.

i'm still mad that pleasure p told the world that he was introduced to mj when he was 7 or 8 "when mj was with the jackson 5." um, sweetie, unless you're revealing your true age, no you weren't.

ummm, i had some other observations but i won't bore you. here are some of my favorite looks from last night:

letoya luckett: i saw her in a couple different outfits and she looked cute in both:

amber and kanye: i mean are they bad or what?! it's like you kinda want to hate on them but you just can't. chick is hot. and kanye, well you know i have love for kanye.

b: loved her dress

ray j: got his grown man on (and so did trey songz but i couldn't find a picture of him)
adrienne bailon: hot look

you tell me: would you wear bright, red lipstick?

yes OR no?!

cameron diaz does marie claire.

some inside shots:

drip drip drip paperclip holder.

the coolest paperclip holder in the office.

$10, urbanoutfitters.com


mandatory overtime.

you can expect that media folks got the mandatory overtime memo as soon as the announcement of mj's untimely demise was confirmed.

like the folks over at bet. the bet awards are scheduled to air live tomorrow evening. mj's sudden death leaves them no choice but to rearrange the show's platform for him. i'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with. i hear the usuals (beyonce, kanye, maybe even chris brown, etc.) are getting together a tribute for him.

and the folks over at time are scrambling to get a special commemorative issue dedicated to mj on newstands on monday.

the last time time did such an issue was post 9/11.

everything must go sale - name your price!

markdowns to $5, $10, $15 and $20


name your price, submit it to halimah@suigenerisboutique.com and we'll send you an invoice!

domestic s & h is FREE!

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say, say, say.

mj and paul mccartney ... early 80s classic!


my top 5 michael jackson facts.

1. i grew up on mj.
2. i had the thriller album. and i mean, the actual album.

3. one of my classmates in elementary school, had the red jacket replica. i was so jealous.

4. i had this poster on my wall. i thought he was gorgeous in this yellow. i used to kiss the poster.

5. when we were real young, my mom and dad wouldn't let me and my brother stay up to watch the grammy's. but they'd wake us up, just in time to see mj hit the stage and moonwalk across the stage. and then we'd have to go right back to sleep.
michael jackson was the truth. and he left us so much to celebrate. his music will live on forever!

farrah fawcett's do lives on.

i rocked the farrah fawcett-styled weave. did you?
rest peacefully!

the butt station.

be the talk of the office and maybe the most organized with the butt station.

also comes in green and orange. $20, urbanoutfitters.com



you tell me: do you wear gold & silver at the same time?

yes OR no?!

blogger is about to be replaced.

blogger is messing up, yawl. most of my posts for this week are M.I.A. they better get it together soon or i'm off to wordpress.

soul train line: give it to me baby.

gotta love it. i remember watching soul train early saturday morning. and of course i'm diggin' the majority of the women's outfits in this clip. the men are probably somewhere now swearing up and down "that wasn't me ... straight up ... it just looks like me." lol "how you doin".

1981 soul train line to rick james' give it to me baby ...

crosley pay phone.

i want this. functional, 1950-inspired pay phone.

also comes in black, $90, urbanoutfitters.com


lomography mr. pink diana camera.

a cute reproduction of the 1960 all plastic diana camera.
$110, urbanoutfitters.com


funky chicken.

you GOTS to love and appreciate this. me and tye are sitting up here watching this same video on vh-1 soul and i had to look it up on youtube.

1973, rufus thomas concert in a football field, singing funky chicken.

i can't help but to admire how beautiful we carried it in the 70s. natural beauties, no mean mugging, nobody acting too cute, hot 70s gear, no wanna-be video vixens dressed like they should be in the red light district. we had style for days. and check out the moves. love this.

julien macdonald stingray jacket.

dig it? i do.
embroidered suede stingray jacket from britsh designer, julien macdonald, julienmacdonald.com

eddie borgo gunmetal plate ring.

i did a doubletake because i wasn't sure if it was a weapon or a ring. it's a ring. different, right?
eddie borgo, $200, barneys new york


extinguish in style.

designer fire extinguishers! did you ever think? i love ish like this. so random. fire design, a french company, makes these and they're sold for 95 pounds (i'll let you figure out what the dollar conversion is because i have a headache and really don't feel like it).
cool, right?


happy father's day!

happy father's day to all the fathers and father figures out there!
fathers are truly under-appreciated but soooo vital in a child's life! don't forget to tell yours how much you appreciate him!


so last sunday, i featured donnie mcclurkin. this week it's hezekiah walker's grateful. isn't it funny how the simplest messages in songs are the most powerful? there are just a few unique words in this song ... plain and simple, grateful.

what are you grateful for? i'm grateful for everything, large and small, but being father's day today, i'm grateful for my dad! one of the coolest, down-to-earth people i know.



papa was a rolling stone.

it's all about the fathers this weekend so i racked my brain trying to figure out a good throwback father song. dance with my father? nawl, that can't do. papa was rolling stone. now we're talking. the year is 1972, the temptations and the audience are getting it in this video ... love these old, old school videos. enjoy ...


jacob & co. for lucien pellat-finet.

still into skulls? jacob & co. has teamed up with lucien pellat-fien to create this encrusted white and black diamond watch in the shape of lucien's iconic skull logo. only 100 have been produced in the world ... google if you want to be a part of the 100.


acne pumps.

i feel like i've posted these before but i'm too lazy to check. even if so, aren't they worthy of a duplicate posting.
acne pumps, $500


you tell me: would you buy the same outfit as a friend?

yes OR no?

concealer tip.

i thought this tip from baze mpinja (umm ... i admit i don't know who she is but still) in the july issue of glamour was a good one:

she warns to go easy on the concealer and to "stare straight ahead when you're covering dark circles. if you look up, you'll apply too much."


wedding day.

bride-to-be or not, admit it, you love these wedding shows like i do. bridezilla. whose wedding is it anyway. the wedding cake one that comes on right after bridezilla. yep. i watch them all. and now there's one more to add to the list: wedding day. premieres on tnt tonight at 8!. click here for the details.

june one six seven one.

"... mama pushed me out the wound, told me get paid." cool points to anyone who knows what tupac song that comes from.

happy birthday tupac!! love him still.
to live in die in la ...

mic check one two, one two.

unique stuff like this microphone light inspires me sooo much. love it.
SOLO pendant light, $236, re-surface.net

guiness record for most marriage vows.

per guiness, lauren and david blair have renewed their vows 83 times since 1984.

"we love telling eachother we love eachother and looking into eachother's vows and saying our vows," say david.

lawd have mercy. i'm going to need them to go find a hobby. a different hobby. quickly.


trash the dress.

ever heard of it? me neither. but since my wedding day is less than 4 months away (wait, yikes, 4 months away!?) i'm attached to all of these bridal sites and blogs. like jumping the broom - as soon as i discovered it, i sat around and read, had to be like 75% of it and left mad comments even though some of the posts were old. i'm sure the chick who runs it thought i was an overzealous blog stalker! hey, you only do this once!

anyway, while reading the jumping the broom blog, i learned about this trashing the dress thing. in a nutshell, it's a post wedding shoot, a farewell of sorts to your precious, delicate wedding dress. brides usually do an edgy, unconventional shoot to kiss their dresses bye-bye.
google "trash the dress" for more examples. there's some super cool ones on altf.com.
still don't get it? yeh, it took me a minute too. maybe it's an attempt to further extend the wedding experience for the bride - i mean your wedding day is like christmas day, as my dad says: so much leading up to it and then it comes and goes - just like that.
will i be planning a high fashion trash the dress session? probably not. however, i will be working with the day-of photographer to take some cool, unexpected, candid type pictures. i refuse to have a wedding album full of corny chin-on-hand poses. boring.

baby and weezy, just stop.

if i hear baby call weezy his son or weezy call baby his daddy one more 'gain, i'm going to scream. enough!

and please don't send me hate mail as if i'm out of touch and just don't understand. i understand. i do.

and i still don't ever want to hear weezy continuously call a man who is only 10 or 11 years his senior, his daddy. stop it.

i'm watching baby on 106 as i type and the annoyance just popped in my brain and i decided to share it. thank you.

gwen does elle.

fantasia gets in front of derek blanks' lens.

applause. derek blanks is the truth. tasia looks fabulous. and i'm loving the hair by hair stylist, deaundra metzger.


don't tell teyanna that she looks like rihanna.

apparently teyana taylor is pissed that sites keep calling her rihanna. she's fussing something serious over on twitter (check it out, if you care, screen name is teyanataylor).

hmmm ... i'll be nice. maybe i won't. umm, sweetie. you should be so lucky. and if it really puts your panties in such a bunch, maybe you should quit talking about it, otherwise, you're just giving it ammunition.
also, where is this chick's mother? i just remember her on mtv's sweet 16 and always wonder why she's out and about 24-7 like she's grown.

i digress.

here we go, la la pulls a cassie.

i don't think it looks bad at all. but interesting how celebs (and celebs in their own heads, like people me and you actually know) quickly jump on someone else's steeze. i mean it's so obvious a que from cassie. but i guess cassie is not such a bad fashionista to take a que from, huh? i guess that's trends. i'm getting old ...

you tell me. are half shaved heads the new new? is la la jocking cassie or is she just jumping on the latest trend?

roll on perfume. genius.

i am loving the idea of roll-on perfume. how convenient. keep it in your handbag and you'll never forget to put smell-goods on again.
intense rose 4 reines roll-on eau de toilette, $16, l'occitane

you tell me: would you date a friend's ex?

yes OR no?!


halleee berrrrry. halle berry.

love that halle is sporting the "halle cut" again. love the outfit she wore over in china at the "12th shanghai international film festival.

great is your mercy.

new new category for sundays! my gospel/inspirational favorites - new and old. last week i posted "work it out." this morning, it's donnie mcclurkin's, "great is your mercy." i can't tell you how much i love this song ... #10 on his live from london cd. simply said but oh so powerful. if you don't have this cd, cop it. happy sunday!



aerosmith rocks. i was a little older when i got put on to this song, maybe after high school, so it's not exactly vintage. but love it, nonetheless. crazy with my girl alicia silverstone ...


you tell me: would you like to see tretorns make a comeback?

yes or no?!

stuff i like: citrus verbena from l'occitane.

had i never received a gift card from my old boss one year for christmas, i probably would have never stepped foot into l'occitane.
but i did. and i bought a little bottle of this <--- stuff and was in love. i wore it out. it is one of the freshest, happiest smells i've ever worn. love it.