whitney does ebony.

she looks amazing.


happy birthday, mj.

word up.

what you know about cameo? here's there 1986 hit - word up with a special cameo by mr. reading rainbow himself - levar burton.


says jennifer anniston.

"it's confounding how we need people to be defined so starkly, so black-and-white. i'm not one aspect of the human experience - none of us is."

-jennifer anniston, as told to the september issue of elle


pretty young things do id.

chanel iman, sesilee lopez, jourdan dunn, arlenis sosa grace the latest cover of id. simply beautiful cover! kudos to id.

but i like this one.

"what you hear through the grapevine mustn't get under your skin. realize that people talk about you much of the time." -aquarius horoscope in today's express.
i know i'm not supposed to do the whole horoscope thing but if i come across one, i do read it. i just happened to like this one and think something good to keep in mind - workplace, personal, wherever! haters will hate. don't waste your gorgeous energy on it.

matte nails.

i'm all set to rock some matte nail polish. i'm waiting for the fall. there's so many fall ready colors that i'm checking for. i love this one by opi in russian navy:


face stockholm galaxy glitter.

so fun being a girl. galaxy glitter by face stockholm comes in pots of loose glitter pieces in about 27 different colors. i like sju. you can use it for just about anything. just apply a layer of moisturizer, sprinkle the glitter on and voila. they suggest mixing it with lip stuff, hair gel, foundation, moisturizers ... wherever your creativity takes you.
i love this kinda stuff although i'd have to take it easy so i didn't look a mess. i like the idea of mixing it on my lips. or on my eyes maybe.
facestockholm.com, $18

moschino cheap & chic.

coral pleated sequin skirt from moschino's cheap & chic line. the outnet.com just marked it down from $1475 to $590. if only it was a tad more cheap than chic. it's really cute.


try again.

hard to believe it's been 8 years today since aaliyah's been gone. she was in a class of her own. here's one of my favorites from the romeo must die soundtrack ... try again:

ysl: tall, dark and handsome.

yves saint laurent elastic and suede bootie. $895


throwback: tyra snaps at tiffany on antm.

i'm sure you remember this. tyra goes off on tiffany for not showing enough emotion after being voted off. i think this was cycle 4. this is hilarious.
was tyra pms'ing? i think she was totally out of line but hey, it was definitely entertaining.

rachel zoe project.

new season starts tonight on bravo!


the husband pursuit.

just read this story the latest essence and had to share. neenah pickett, 43, launched a nationwide search to find a husband. she says after a year without a date, she needed to take control of the situation and find herself a man.
so she launched www.52weeks2findhim.com. her requirements: laid back, sense of humor, between the ages of 39-51.
so far she's talked to over 200 prospects but hasn't found mr. right quite yet. she's confident that she'll find him by the end of the year.
well get it girl. what do yawl think? is she determined or pitiful?

welcome back, ciara.

ciara was out and about in beverly hills earlier this week with her long tresses. such a cute look for ciara. i hope that short wig is somewhere never to be found again!

usher does uptown.


i think i skipped sunday's best last week and for no good reason. but it's back this morning - bright and early. happy sunday folks. this one is a throwback. we used to sing sovereign back in the di-zay. back when i was a young buck and on the chapel choir at salem baptist church in jenkintown, pa. this song still pops in my head every now and then.
this is the wilmington chester mass choir. daryl coley is singing lead. enjoy ...


best kept secret.

this used to be my ish! i'm taking it back to 92. the other day it came on the radio for the 5:00 mix. i was waiting for my part - diamond d, me and forest, rappers try to diss i'll crush the ... - and of course the dj cut into another song. womp womp. tye was cracking up.
but here it is. and sorry in advance because i didn't bother to keep looking for the radio version. it's not too bad - only the hook is explicit.
enjoy. and count all the throwback men trends in the video.


nia long could still teach these chicks a thing or two.

nia long at the in style summer soiree last night.

lipstick bandit: shall we start with the basics.

I thought I'd start out giving it to you slow...lol

The first beauty lesson I learned long before I ever picked up a make-up brush was taught to me by a boy named *Rudy. I will never forget it. I bought a lip gloss for like $1 from the local drugstore. I 'd had my eye on Rudy for a long time and I planned it out. As me and my best friend were eating lunch in the cafeteria, I would call him over, swipe on my lip gloss and then we would fall in love.
Sure enough, my plan worked. I swiped on the cherry red gloss and asked him what he thought. He took one look at me and said, "You should've put Chapstick on because your lips are jacked!"

I was hurt - embarassed. But then, I pressed my lips together and realized, Rudy was right.

Fall is coming ladies and lips of the plum variety are in season. Don't get caught out there. Make sure lips are pout-ready by priming them first with some type of lip balm. It works...what can I say?

Til later,

Stay fab. Stay beautiful, Be you.


*Name was changed due to the fact this happened 10 years ago. I don't remember the ACTUAL name of the young man. Smh at old age.
*Picture, courtesy of http://www.chapstick.com/


feature beauty writer: lipstick bandit.

i'm kinda pumped to introduce my feature beauty writer. her name is felicia. also known as the lipstick bandit. i follow her blog for beauty tips. you should too: http://www.dalipstickbandit.com

as she says herself, she's not a licensed mua but she knows how to beat a face. that she does. and i always marvel at her ridiculously clear skin. like foreal she could be the face of noxema. or something.

felicia is gonna grace us with her presence every now and then and unselfishly share her make-up and beauty tips. she's witty. i enjoy her and i think you will too. so without further ado ... check out her premiere post on sgb ...


project runway all stars.


i have nothing else to say.

said versace.

"that is the key of this collection, being yourself. don't be into trends. don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live."

-the late, gianni versace

very nicely said!

project runway is back!

new season starts tonight, 10pm ET, on lifetime


watch the game on change of heart.

lmao at this throwback of game on the change of heart game show. and it's only so funny because game tries to act so hard. his chick, and i quote, says "he tries to act so macho but he's sooo sensitive." lol.

watch part 2 over at youtube.

lipstick queen.

well, well, well. look at what we have here. lip gloss in a jumbo-sized pencil. comes with a sharpener in 5 different colors. $20 over at lipstickqueen.com

clumsy girl's dream: acne armored jeans.

acne armored jeans with metal leg padding, spring 2010 collection.
would you rock them? i kinda think i would.


shu uemura lashes.

shu uemura lashes in fleur-ever. $79
this and more fun lash styles over at shuuemura-usa.com

sasha fierce clothing.

the moment you've been waiting for. yes, i'm being facetious. b and her momma will launch a collection based on b's alter ego, sasha fierce.

"this line really exudes a different side of my personality, which i am grateful that i can express. the sasha fierce line is for the confident, sensual, and daring side of a woman," b says.

oooooo jjjjjjjj. come get your lady! please and thanks.

oh, it's available at macy's and dilliard's - now don't you all rush all at once.


agyness deyn in thriller fashion.

harper's bazaar features a hot editorial - "thriller fashion" - of agyness deyn paying tribute to mj. terry richardson photographed her for the september issue. this has gots to be the hottest editorial mj tribute i've seen this far. would you agree?
oh and can someone tell me who agyness deyn is? should i know? i'm so out the loop ...

red lipstick: how to get it right.

a couple weeks ago, one of my girl's posted a note about choosing the right red lipstick for your skin tone. then i read the latest glamour magazine and read an article about the same topic. i decided to share. per glamour:

for my fair skin girlies:
coral-y reds look the best.
they recommend - revlon super lustrous lipstick in fire and ice ($8 in drugstores); ysl rouge volupte in no. 16 ($34 @ yslbeautyus.com); maybelline new york color sensational lipstick in are you red-dy ($7.50 in drugstores)

for medium skin:
anything true red to pinky-cranberry shades looks best.
they recommend - rouge dior lipstick in red premiere ($28 @ sephora.com); covergirl trushine lipcolor in valentine shine ($7.5 in drugstores); chanel rouge allure in audace ($30 @ chanel.com)

for dark skin:
any deep, rich colors like burgundy or warm brick look best.
they recommend - lancome l'asolu rouge in smoky rouge ($29 @ lancome-usa.com); l'oreal paris colour riche lipcolour in red rhapsody ($9 in drugstores); elizabeth arden color intrigue effects lipstick in ruby pearl ($20 @ elizabetharden.com)

what you think? you know my philosophy - if it looks good, rock it. but this just may give you a starting place.



ba'bye sidekick, hey iphone.

after about 2 years, i've laid my sidekick to rest and joined the iphone lovers over at at&t. after a week with it, i know exactly why people are so goo-goo gah-gah over their iphones. it's probably the most practical phone i've owned. it just makes sense; every function seems to be exactly where it should be. and it took me about an hour to figure out how to use it.

still, you know i have a couple issues with it. like three actually.
  1. although the touch screen sounds like a cool, forward idea it is a pain in the butt. i was typing like 80 words per minute, like the commercial says, with my sidekick. with this iphone, i spend more time correcting my texts. i wish i could use my nails because i stay typing R when i mean to type a T, a G when i mean to type a H and so on so forth.
  2. i'm still figuring out the internet on it. it's much quicker to connect to, unlike the sidekick, but i can't figure out how to make the internet pages bigger and switch from page to page. i'm sure my dad or brother can help me with this one.
  3. and why do i need to open an i-tunes account in order to add the facebook app?

i also was a little disappointed that the white one wasn't available in the $99 version iphone but black will do. other than that, i love this frickin' phone. i stay playing with it. thinking of converting? i highly recommend it.

kourtney & khloe take miami: airs tonight.


julez is picture perfect.

although i can't say i co-sign folks lifting pix from people's twitter accounts and posting them on their blogs, here i go doing the same thing. well i actually lifted it from another blog site who lifted it from solange's twitter page. i digress.

the point is, i love this picture of solange's son, julez in tokyo. doesn't it look like it should be a sneaker ad or something?

american apparel free shipping code.

this came in handy today for me. figured i'd share the love ...

enter promo code at checkout: FSW332A73

valid until 12.31.2009

dead presidents.

everyone looks so young in the video. jay z ... dead presidents ...


michael vick is an eagle.

so as soon as tye told me last night - "vick signed to the eagles" - although he said it more like florida in good times - "damn, damn, damn" - i knew i had to log on to facebook and read the statuses of my excited hometown crew. most of them are ecstatic. a couple indifferent. and a few are utterly disgusted that the eagles picked him up.

i never fake like i know anything about the game, although this season, with all the excitement of vick, i'm gonna make a real effort to learn it. maybe. my question to all the angry philadelphians is why are you angry? he did his time. he took no one down with him. can he never work again because he made a poor decision? this way of thinking is so wrong on so many levels. can we not repent? hmm ... a lot of holier than thou folks ... bet they wouldn't let us read their diaries. probably the same folks rocking leather shoes and furs in the winter.

that's just my $.02. what's yours?

i frickin love pompadours.


we're looking for correspondents/feature writers.

like to write, vent, or dish on your favorite subject matter? then join me as a sgb correspondent or feature writer. if beauty, vintage, men's style, celebrity juicy gossip, diy, jewelry, high fashion, low fashion, runway, sidewalk, music, WHATEVA is your thing, then we'd like to bring you aboard. positions are unpaid other than the occasional blogger perks but it's flexible and entrepreneurial (i.e. write on your schedule, when you're inspired).

peruse the site to get a feel of our steeze. then tell me what you can bring or add. send me a note over at halimah@suigenerisboutique.com.

vintage cigarette cases.

ever noticed how glamorous things were back in the days. look at old pictures or think back to your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents and you'll probably see them dressed up with make-up just to go to the supermarket. although cigarettes are seen as un-lady like today, once upon a time, the habit wasn't frowned upon. ladies kept their smokes in pretty cases like these:
antique nickel silver cigarette case, $50, thelonelysock.etsy.com

vintage studded cigarette case, $18, therubykitchen.etsy.com

vintage silvery gold chain mail cigarette case, $25, shoppingisafeeling.etsy.com

vintage croc gator gold case, $55, hautecountryvintage.etsy.com

says laurel thatcher ulrich.

"well behaved women rarely make history."

-laurel thatcher ulrich

quote adapted by married to the mob:
$35, karmaloop.com


nas and kelis in better days.

i know they're feuding but i saved this throwback to my computer because it's such a dope picture to me. isn't it? they just epitomize a hot, hip hop couple in this picture. and i frickin love her hair. didn't she seem like she was pregnant forever? she's doing the post-baby thing these days but i'm sure she'll be back flyyer than ever. eventually.

crazy about owlita.

between $64-$78, owlita.com