so i didn't indulge in the black friday shopping this year. had some other things i had to take care of BUT i did manage to get a little something something yesterday.

i have been looking for black stone washed jeans; i think i mentioned that on an earlier post. and i found some! similar to rih rih's in the picture over there <--. i love them. and may i brag and say i caught a good sale and paid only 20 bucks!


girl just wanna have fun.

classic, happy song from cyndi lauper. a girl's mantra:


my name is (insert name here) & i'm a shopaholic.

shame on me to post this on the biggest shopping day of the year. but addicition and indulging is two separate things. and according to judith wright, author of the soft addiction solution, recent studies show that 1 outof 12 people are compulsive shoppers. and, she says, it can hit you in more places than your purse by causing you tension in your relationships or distraction from your dreams. these questions, according to wright, will tell you if you should be concerned:

1. how much time do you spend? if you spend hours roaming the mall, surfing online, or glazing over catalogues, you’re most likely dealing with a soft addiction. wasting hours that could be spent moving you towards your dreams is never a good choice.

2. what's your motivation? do you shop to feel better about yourself, fill up unscheduled time, escape your emotions, or because you can’t resist a sale? or are you simply shopping for some well-needed clothing that expresses your personal image? escaping, avoiding boredom, or feeling pulled toward a sale is a signal that it’s a soft addiction.

3. what are you feeling? do you shop when you’re bored, angry, sad — or even happy? if so, you may be using shopping as retail therapy — a way to avoid your feelings and the challenges you are facing. think about how you feel before, during, and after your spending spree. before shopping, are you anxious, jittery, bored, angry or afraid? are you zoned out, numb, or even on a false high while shopping? afterward, do you feel shameful, high, agitated, embarrassed, foggy, or even forgetful of what you just purchased? any of these check points can let you know that you’re entering into bad territory.

4. what are you hoping your shopping will do for you? if you think a new dress will make you irresistible, make him ask you out. if that new gadget will make you the envy of your friends, forget it. you are imagining some magical result that you believe shopping will bring you. whether you shop as a boost for your self-esteem, to bring a sense of newness in your life, or avoid uncomfortable emotions, there are far more satisfying ways to meet those needs. once you know what they are, they will bring you lasting results.

can't a fashionista black out every once in a while in the mall? anywho, click here to read the entire article and find out what you can do if you have a true shopping problem.

slept on fierce.

selita ebanks' style is creeping up to the top of my list. of course she stays in blog news but i've never paid her much attention. still everytime i see her, whether glam or casual, she looks fierce.



young(er) fashionistas.

angela and vanessa simmons had their first pastry in-store appearance in london this week. i found out they not only do sneaks but apparel and handbags too. and it looks like pastry has quite a following with the young fashionistas. glad to see the sisters being successful with their entrepreneurship.

the other ms. ross: style tremendous.

behind the sneaks: van.

you've seen these around, i'm sure. maybe on will.i.am or fat joe. i spotted these on a website during the peak of my obama high months ago. i immediately wanted to learn about the artist. van is a pretty humble, spiritual and cool dude. and he was nice enough to grant me an interview because i knew so many readers would be interested in his story. here we go:

1. so i learned of you last spring when i spotted your infamous obama air force ones on a website. was that your claim to fame or were you making noise with your artwork before the obama sneaks? I was making noise in the customizing world as a decent shoe designer. but the Obama shoes put me on a new platform worldwide and actually introduced many people to the sub culture of shoe design.

2.did you expect such an embrace? i never thought it would be received in the manner that it was. i made the shoe for myself as a reminder to follow my dreams and that anything is possible. i read many emails about people being inspired by the shoe and each email comes as a surprise to me. this was not what i had in mind, but it was God's plan.

3.what celebs have contacted you for sneaks? or did you reach out to them? i saw will. i. am in a pair that look very similar to your own design. i have had the privilege to make shoes for Gayle King, P. Diddy, Bridget Moynahan, Amerie, Music Soulchild, TI, Bryan Michael Cox, Fat Joe, Fabolous, Nelly and Slim Thug to name a few.

4.you say you didn't choose art it chose you. explain what you mean? yes, art chose me because its came to me as a gift from God. This is something i was born with, all I did was pursue my purpose by working hard. this ability was handed to me the least i can do is share it with the world.

5.i see you were a psychology major, when and how did you start desiging? i have been drawing since i was two years old. it has always been my passion to create. i went to college as a graphic design major but was quickly turned off by the program's attempt to conform me. so i had to pick another major and i went with Psych. throughout college i continued to explore as an artist regardless of my curriculum at the time. this is where i stared painting shoes, because a teammate of mine wanted to refurbish a pair of old sneakers. so i painted a dirty white pair of shoes black.

6. taylor and craig is the design company, right? how did you come up with the name? well i'm actually in the process of changing the name to V20! read as H20 (water) is read. Well V20 is representing a new era/element of art (custom shoes) that i have the honor to help usher in. Taylor and Craig was my old t-shirt airbrushing company. the name comes from my middle name (Taylor) and my best friend's middle name (Craig). we came up with the name in high school after we went around asking people if they have heard of the new clothing line taylor&craig. to our surprise many people said yes, when we just made it up. so when i started painting shirts i remembered that day and decided to roll with it.

7.who and/or what inspires you? spiritually, Jesus inspires me to become a better man of God. artistically i'm influenced by musicians and composers. they motivated me because they paint pictures with words or musical notes. President Elect Barack Obama inspires me to pursue my dreams and reminds me we can achieve the impossible.

8.what's on the horizon for you and your craft? where do you want to be in 5 years? i want to work on starting my own sneaker brand. i want to one day rub elbows with the major companies Nike, Reebok, etc. I dream big!

9.i stalked your myspace photos and saw that obama gave you dap at one of his rallies. does he know you designed sneaks in his honor? Hmm i'm not sure. they were auctioned off at the DNC, i hope the word got around that there were a pair of shoes there bearing his likeness. but i'm sure one day he will if he doesn't know already. i say that because they have been requested by the Smithsonian Museum in DC. so it's a very good chance he may get word of them.

10.i'm so motivated when i see the young and fabulous, like yourself, doing their thing and making a name for themselves. it truly keeps me going in my own aspirations. i think you're talented and an inspiration to others as well. what advice would you lend to anyone who's using their craft, whether it's designing or something else, who are trying to make a name for themselves? the advice i would give is to continue to work hard and pursue your dreams. don't be discouraged by those who don't see your vision. also do not measure your success by someone else's yard stick. you determine your own goals. do not let others live through you vicariously. my last bit of advice is to spend the precious time you have to perfect your craft or skills. i call it hand eye coordination of your dreams. if i look at your hands i should be able to see your vision. coordinate your efforts and time with your goals.

11.how can people reach you if they're interested in your artwork? http://www.myspace.com/van20 my email address is taylorandcraig@hotmail.com for personal customize work. for other ordering inquiries taylorandcraig@hotmail.com.

now for a few, fun random questions:12. if you could have a beer with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? well i don't drink so it would be a milkshake or something but i would like to sit down with my ancestors. the ones that died as slaves and just let them know how much i appreciate their blood sweat and tears. also to show them i'm working hard everyday striving to advance myself artistically, economically and intellectually.things they were deprived of.

13. if you could travel anywhere in this world where would it be? i would love to see the pyramids in Egypt.

14. if you had to pick a theme song what would it be? "One Mic" by Nas, all i need is one brush to share my gift to the world.

15.what's in your cd player, or ipod nowadays, right now? listening to T.D Jakes right now. a couple of audio books, Hill Harpers "Letters to a Young Brother" and Paulo Coelho's life changing book, " The Alchemist".

one word answer only, first thing that comes to your mind:

16.obama - president

17.van - blessed

18.art - love

the brother is focused and going places! check him out at his contact info above.


arm candy: laptop bags.

so i'm pretty much convinced that a laptop will remain my permanent sidekick. forever. so i went on a search for cute bags to carry it in if and when i'm out and about. just a few:

parkside (l); gina b-luca bella from careerbags.com

milano from mobileedge.com(top); jack georges from careerbags.com

the erin collection from careerbags.com - how cute are the laptop clutches!

chow time.

so one of my more cooking-inclined girl friends (and future jewelry buyer for sgb) was supposed to guest-post today and give you all a fabulous t-giving recipe for thursday but she faked on me. we still love her but that leaves me to donate my own recipe. i'm not quite my mother or tye's mother YET but i do a little something. and traditionally, i try a new recipe every year. although, i've only been put on devilled eggs duty this year, i want to try this recipe i found for green beans with walnuts. sounds good, right? click here to get the recipe or to check out other thanksgiving recipes.
so what are you cooking?


graphic designers: this one is for you.

i'm in heaven right now but i can just picture all of you reality show haters mouthing, "WTF" over the latest reality show . CMYK America is presenting CMYK - America's Top Graphic Designer, a reality show with the mission to showcase the talented graphic designers from across the US and crown one america's top graphic designer.

"look around you. everything you see visually was created by a graphic designer. there have been many successful reality shows, but none have featured the graphic design geniuses behind major marketing campaigns for print, television, internet, and mobile devices. CMYK will do just that," stated cheryle r. reynolds, creator and producer of the reality show. the winner will receive a cash reward to further their career and receive the opportunity to design projects for major companies.

i am thrilled. having worked closely with the creative process and a pool of creative folks for the past 8 years this kind of stuff has opened my eyes to look at marketing and advertising completely different. some may never realize that the very brands that you are attracted too have a lot to do with the creative designers in the background. i love it. and as soon as i get a minute i plan to take a few classes in graphic design and contribute my skills to the beautification of sgb. so yes, i will be watching.

they're currently casting so click here and get the 411.

so timely too. sgb is also looking for graphic designers. you don't have to be america's top but if you're interested in a gig, contact me at halimah@suigenerisboutique.com.


i don't know about you but this cold weather makes me want to rent a good movie, grab a bag of red hot chips (or barbecue seeds, either will do), a glass of shiraz and curl up in front of the tv.

i think i'll do just that. first up. mahogany. i love everything about this movie which traces the life of an around the way girl played by diana ross who makes it into the fashion world and discovers the realness of life, fame, and love. and though critics were never kind to this 1975 flick, it'll always be one of my favorites.

and since this is now available on dvd, i recommend that every fashionista add it to her collection.

remember when we used to rock: jumpers.

or also known as overalls.

everyone had a pair. it had to be about 1990, 91. i was in 7th grade and i remember wearing mine out. i wore them just about every friday to the y (ymca) for teen night. swore i was cool. i had a dark denim pair and i used to always wear this blue and black stripe turtle neck underneath. we wore them with the straps up, one strap down, or both straps down.

sgb has a modern day version of skinny jean overalls - i posted them about a month or so ago.


gotta get mine.

back in the early 90s, breed was one of the first successful rappers to come out of the midwest. rest peacefully, mc breed.

here's my favorite from him (gotta get mine feat. tupac):

invitation only.

it's something about being handmade. such an element of character. which is why i want to introduce you to a friend of mine's custom, all occassions invitation company, endless love stationery. you name the event, owner charity asuquo can develop an unique design for you. her own search for wedding invitations that were unique and showed her personality led her to start her business.
check her out. her prices are great, too.


ain't got no.

i was introduced to nina simone's music almost 10 years ago and have loved her ever since. she epitomizes sui generis. she is beauty, she is raw, she is confidence, she is passion and emotion, she is cool, she is amazing, she's the ish!

and her earrings are pretty hot, too!



i copped these for tye. hot, even hotter on him.

daydreaming about the sun, apparently.

i'm currently right outside of baltimore where the sky isn't sure if it wants to spit out snow flakes or a little shine from the sun. regardless, i swear i need these "do not disturb's". no, i really need these:

we get around.

and you can find us on myspace (myspace.com/suigenerisboutique) and facebook (halimah suad); so send sgb a friend request.

p.s. - from time to time, we offer promos specifically for our myspace and fb amigas.

give them something to talk about:mychael knight.

so i was watching real housewives of atlanta and who else but mychael knight, project runway season 3 finalist, popped up on sheree to offer her some advice on her own clothing line. so i decided to get nosy and see what he's been up too.

interestingly, aside from his unisex fragrance, majk, that i never even knew existsed, he has a racy lingerie line called kitty & dick. how salacious. he also put together 7 chicks to market the line. they go by the name of kitty litter. public opinion seems to balance between indifference and pure disgust towards the line's name.

personally, i can go without the kitty litter gimmick, although 7 chicks now have gigs and relevance. i have to sit on the kitty & dick name. part of me wonders if so many people would take issue with it if a more established, rock-n-roll'ish designer had come up with the idea.

hmm ... you tell me.
mychael knight & his kitty litter


the fierce one behind the fierce ones: lysa cooper.

so we all know that our favorite style icons don't become style icons by themselves. when we gush over their hot clothes and jump on trends that we first see them rock, we should also extend that props to their stylist.

by now you know that rihanna is at the top of my list for style and fashion. she is fierce by herself, but just as fierce is the stylist who helped make rihanna the fashionista we see her as today. no other than lysa cooper. and she is one flyy chick.

in addition to rihanna, she's styled b, paris, diddy, katie holmes, and lists of others. she is dope. but don't take my word for it, see for yourself:


sgb, chop-chop!

ok, so before you call me lazy, let me tell you the deal on the official launch of the new sgb.

yes, the site is live. if you haven't already checked it out, what you waiting for?!

however, i can't upload the products until i receive the replacement charger for my other laptop. why you ask? because my other laptop is programmed with photoshop which i need to crop the images to make them nice and pretty for your viewing pleasure. once the good ole usps delivers the new charger, i'll hop on it and officially present the new sgb. excuses, excuses. yeh i know.

exhale. in other words, stay tuned. sgb coming to a screen near you. very soon!

office holiday party: rules to follow (or break).

just in case your boss hasn't cancelled your office holiday party due to the depressing state of the economy, AOL lists out the what to wear and what not to wear to the shindig:

per AOL:
  1. don't wear anything too sexy: if it's sexy, it could be sleazy. low-cut, plunging necklines look great on the red carpet, but not when you're sipping a cocktail next to the company CEO. choose a stylish but demure dress that doesn't reveal too much cleavage or leg. You want to look pretty, not sexy.

  2. do think festive: instead of sexy and revealing, choose an outfit that is seasonally appropriate. red or black work well for winter holiday parties. as long as it's not excessive (read: tacky), dress up your look with sequins and sparkles. dress up a cropped jacket by wearing a sequin camisole underneath or opt for a tafetta skirt, which has a great party-feel. or choose a scoop-neck sheath dress for a graceful, stylish look.

  3. don't go for super high stilettos: you may look fab in those four-inch stilettos, but how will your legs and tootsies feel after hours of standing? choose heels that flatter your legs and dress, but are comfortable enough to wear for a long time.

  4. do a little black dress: it's a standard for a reason: it works. an elegant black dress is always flattering and sophisticated, simple and classic. sleeveless is fine, but don't go any shorter than a few inches above the knee. have fun with the accessories -- from earrings to a necklace and bracelets. silver looks fabulous with black.

  5. don't under dress: if you've never been to a company party, talk to a trusted work buddy and find out the often-unwritten dress code. showing up in jeans and flip-flops when everyone else is in formal wear will leave you red-faced and miserable. it's hard to have a good time when you think everyone is staring at you.

  6. do wear dressy pants: a pantsuit with flowing legs and a silk top will look perfect. or, choose black pants with a metallic top. add color to your outfit with chunky jewelry. and if you decide once you're at the party that you overdid it on the jewelry, just slip it off and stash it in your purse.

  7. don't over dress: how dressy you should be depends on the time of the party and the location. if it's a luncheon in the company cafeteria in the middle of the day, save your slinky black party dress for another time. instead of going business casual on party day, dress up just a bit more. dressing up too much for an evening party can also create problems, making you seem like you're out of touch.

  8. do carry a jazzy purse: if you can't afford to buy a new dress for the party, treat yourself to a new evening purse -- something to jazz up the outfit you pulled out from the back of your closet. choose a purse based on the look you want to portray. for example, something elegant screams sophistication. colorful beads and sequins tells everyone you're here to have fun.

  9. don't put on too much bling: choose tasteful jewelry that accents your outfit without raising eyebrows. bold and chunky jewelry is in right now, but you're probably safer sticking to one statement piece at a time, especially if your dress has a lot going on already. if your outfit is simple, then you can adorn with more diamonds or other crystals.

  10. do sneak in a little sexy: while it's never appropriate to show up at the office party in a sexy outfit, you can choose one sexy little detail. for example, a form-fitting dress is fine as long as the neckline doesn't plunge and the skirt is no shorter than two inches above your knee. or, go for sequins and sparkles on a conservatively-cut dress.

  11. do shop at sgb for your holiday wardrobe essentials.

ok, so i did sneak #11 in. here's 3 more i want to sneak in:

  • do enjoy drinking on your company's wallet but please don't make an ass out of yourself by getting so drunk that you bear hug the boss' wife and tell her how much you love her or even worse, vomit on her shoes or even worse try to freak the co worker you never speak too on the dance floor. have fun but you're not at LOVE.

  • work the room. you convinced yourself to go. so be seen. even by that one busy body co worker that you always try to avoid at work - swag past her and even muster a "well hello, how are you?"

  • or of course you could always break all the rules, wear what the heck you feel like and laugh (or cry) about it the following monday

enjoy! i'd love to see and post your holiday party outfits. so send them in - halimah@suigenerisboutique.com



good ole tv one will be airing unsung, a series of four biographies on four artists/groups, who you or your momma most likely had the vinyl record of, and who deserved but never quite made it to superstar status.

the special will be narrated by former "he so-fine" guy, al b. sure who will chronicle the careers of donny hathaway, the debarge family, the clark sisters, and phyllis hyman. i love them all and it'll be quite interesting since all of them were stars as far as i was concerned.

unsung will touch on the tremendous talent of all and the factors that disrupted their careers. i can't wait.

sneek peak will air on thanksgiving night. so after your belly is full you can tune in at 7 for the debarge family. then starting the sunday after, the entire series will air for 4 consecutive nights at 10, 11, and 2 AM. so you should be able to catch it.