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rising up.

not really old, not really new. my ish. rising up by the roots (philly!) featuring chrisette michelle and my man wale. good music:

would you rock a turban?

... or a headwrap that looks like one? solange was spotted looking supa-flyy at the launch of guess seductive at the colony in la. turbans are the new rage although some folks (think e. badu) have been rocking them since way back. i'm loving her look. not sure if i'll participate in this trend but i'm digging it. co-signed!

heidi klums hands in her angel wings.

after a 13 year collaboration, heidi klum will leave victoria's secret. She told the page six, "all good things have to come to an end. i will always love victoria's secret. it has been an absolutely amazing time."

always good to walk out on your own instead of being booted. she had a great run.

i'm wearing my new boots today.

because it's raining and it's pouring and i'd rather be home snoring. but i'm up and at 'em. the weatherman says it's gonna rain all day and i really wasn't sure which side of the closet to pull from. although i'm pretty ready for fall fashion, part of me is reluctant to say farewell to flip-flops and linen.


vintage music: every little step i take.

my hubby just showed this to me and i am rolling. remember bobby's brown 1988 smash, every little step i take? this jawn used to rock ... i just sat here reciting the whole song.

you've gots to see this spoof featuring wayne brady, 50 cent and bobby brown. hilarious. bahaaaaaaa. i can't stop laughing at tyson's no-rhythm having behind.

click the music player at the bottom of the screen to mute the background music.

mister boots.

i saw these boots and i immediately thought of mister. like as in the color purple mister. kinda funny. i'm kinda iffy about these but in general i'm digging the combat style boots trend. it screams comfort and chill. there's always gonna be room for the overtly-sexy look but i appreciate the covertly-sexy steeze once and a while too. could you rock these:

werner, steve madden, $159.95
what do you think? yay? nay?


topshop heads to chi-town.

lucky ducks.

according to wwd, a new topshop is in the works for michigan avenue in chicago. stores in vegas, la and san francisco are also in the works.

my only question: can dc get some love?!



"i think it's incredibly sexy when a man is just a man."

-kelly rowland tells complex

read the rest of the interview here.

christian siriano for payless, spring 2011.

word on the street is that christian siriano (my favorite winner from project runway) debuted his spring 2011 shoe collection for payless during new york fashion week.

i'll have to see it - in an actual payless store - to believe it

in the words of siriano himself: fierce!

remember when we used to rock: finger watches.

i can't remember the exact year but i know we rocked them briefly. i'm guessing it was some time during the late 80s/early 90s. and i recall that we didn't rock them for the time. they were strictly fashion pieces. but of course.

here's a gold version by melodi ehsani. $15 here.


where those bloggers at, where those bloggers at, where they at, where they at, where they at.

right here rihanna. and we have a mean side eye right now.

the other day, rihanna stepped out to ago restaurant in a polka dot church hat, a wife b with x'd out boobies and brown slacks. if anyone else was spotted in this get-up, you'd be questioning their use of narcotics. i think i can take it all except the hat. that hat.

but do you, rih rih. and keep us bloggers talking. sorry the photos are so tiny. i snatched them from here.

lala's full court wedding.

lala's full court wedding premieres tonight at 10:30 pm on vh-1. yes, another reality show that will follow lala and carmelo as they plan their wedding. the couple tied the knot back in july. will you be watching? i will. and not just because carmelo is absolutely gorgeous. with a cute style. and a charming smile. nope. not just because of that.

am i the only one who thinks, at quick glance, that carmelo and lala look a lot like jay and beyonce?

only melo and lala always look a bit more lovey dovey.


vintage music saturday: dream on dreamer.

what you know about the brand new heavies? last night, me and hubby were watching vh1 soul and he asked me if i remembered this cut. i can't say i was that down with the group while coming up but i definitely remember this song. the acid jazz and funk group emerged back in 85 out of england. dream on dreamer came out in 1994. check it:


lenny, you are not prince.

i'd like mr. lenny kravitz to stop immediately. he stepped out in nyc yesterday clad in leather pants tucked into his leather knee-high wedge boots, a cowl-neck top and a man purse. i cannot.

the only man i'll accept this from is prince whose adrogyny i've managed to get used to for the past 20+ years. but lenny, you are irritating me.

someone said.

"confidence does not whisper."


put you in the pocket.

highway by acne
leather and suede with pocket detail wedge boots.

i dig cowl scarves.

two winters ago, i found a knitted cowl scarf in marshall's. actually, my mom found it for me. we were preparing for the brick cold that we'd face during obama's inauguration. she liked it for herself but let me buy it instead. i've been in love with cowl scarves ever since. and since they've already threatened us with the same rude winter as last, i want to grab a few.

here's one i won't be getting ($195, no sirrrr) but it's flyy as hell.

it's suede and chic and comes in 3 colors - black (currently sold out), dove and cadet. i love it. check it out at hare+hart.


if i were a rich girl: rick owens shearling biker jacket.

... this would be in my closet, patiently waiting for a cold day. hot, right? this would be super cute with your favorite pair of jeans.

$3,395 at net-a-porter


nicki minaj does complex.

read the article here.

i'm loving the simple, black and white cover and actually find her quite interesting. in a good way. i'm gradually converting to a nicki fan. gasp!

fashionistas do read: getting to happy.

you may remember back in february, when i told you that the sequel to terry mcmillan's waiting to exhale would be dropping this fall. well it's here. just in time for me to take to the beach next week.

you can buy it plus read reviews over at barnes and noble. i will be buying my copy today.
i hear she's already working on the script, as well. i'm excited.

it's beginning to look a lot like fall.

... so i'm switching up my nail color and opting for more fall'ish colors. i'm up on the bandwagon for the gray hued nails. i love the look but my nail salon is slipping on their polish options. i think i'll have to bring in my own. i love the color options from chanel.

les khakis de chanel is a new trio of limited editon colors perfect for this time of year. my favorite is khaki vert, a greyish/greenish color:

the other two are khaki rose - a pinkish-beige color - and khaki brun - a taupe color.

$25 each at chanel.


vintage music saturday: i got a man.

remember this one? positive k's i got a man. it hit the radio waves in 1992 and would prove to be his biggest hit. the male-female dialogue in music always seems to work, doesn't it?

love watching this video because i can count a ba-jillion old school trends. watch:

scroll to bottom of screen and click the music player to mute the background music.


vera wang said.

"a woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes."
-vera wang


and i still love tupac.

14 years ago today, i was sitting in my college room watching mtv when i heard that tupac had died. i was crushed.

i truly miss dude's passion, sincerity and rawness. i'd love to know what he'd be saying about the state of the world today. and while there have been so many so-called thug impersonators the only rapper to even remotely remind me of pac's spirit has been kanye.

check him out alongside ice-t on saturday night live in the early 90s. they're singing barbara streisand's you don't bring me flowers. funny!


joan rivers said.

"just because it zips, honey, doesn't mean it fits."
-joan rivers

solange does fashionizblack.

this cover is absolutely, positively hot.


kelly rowland turns it up for yrb magazine.

i've been wanting this chick to just bust out of her shell and do her for the longest time. kelly rowland is absolutely gorgeous and this yrb magazine shoot is fierce. i root for her. and um, am i the only one who secretly awaits a tell-all book? lol. i'd be the first one on the amazon site ordering it. doubt it'll come any time soon but maybe after she's old and gray.


ellen degeneres struts richie rich's catwalk.

work, ellen, work.
ellen closed the richie rich spring 2011 fashion show in nyc. she donned hi-top sneaks, a shiny suit and fingerless blue gloves. oh and don't forget the itty bitty hat for a comedic gesture. gotta love ellen.

gabby sidibe does elle.

am i the only one a little shocked that she made the october cover? do you like?
it should probably be noted that this is a multi-cover issue. in honor of elle magazine's 25th birthday, they are featuring several (25?) stars to grace their "favorite 25-somethings" issue.

louboutins: studded suede.

studded suede boots
christian louboutin, $1,495