that's all folks.

one saturday afternoon back in 08, september i think, i randomly decided to start a blog. i said i'd do it until i no longer felt like it anymore.

the other day lanvin debuted at h&m. i saw flicks from my friends on the book of the crazed crowds and long lines and wristbands. i said to myself, i'd never do that shit. gasp. although i can't be the only fashionista who wouldn't brave the chaos for lanvin at h&m, it was a very defining moment for me.

love fashion. always will. i get it from mom and pop dukes. but it's time to concentrate on some other things. like interior design. nowadays, i'm obsessed with interior decorating and planning how i'm going to decorate my new house. and i like reading really good fashion blogs by others. it's so many out there. and just not enough hours in the day to put the energy into running my own daily blog. time for a lane change.

so with that, i'm exiting stage left. her steeze lives on. i'm keeping that name for some future plans. and i may make a grand entrance on tumblr. i like tumblr.

to all 11 of my readers (lol, ok maybe 38) friend me on the book. let's stay in touch.

shoelace necklaces by sarah clendening.

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if i were a rich girl: burberry blazer.

this is the type of blazer is classic. you can wear it over and over, year after year. and you only have to scrape up a measely $1,995.

check out another view at burberry.com.

cheap wine.

$7.99 or less

gotta love cheap wine that actually tastes great. my personal fave is pinot grigio by yellow tail. i keep a bottle on deck. and i'm pretty sure it'll taste great with your turkey on thursday. cheers!

stuff from knock knock.

toodles (or ciao, sincerly, etc.) stamp, $10

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rihanna inspired my new hair-do itch.

the eagles played (another vick-tory, thank you) so of course that was on my tv screen last night. but i did catch a peek of rihanna opening the ama's. i realize that popular belief is that this blog stans for ms. rih rih. and we do. most of the time. she has her misses, especially lately. but for the most part, i dig her steeze. she has that don't-give-a-$hit youthfulness about her - i've always kinda liked that.

with that said, i thought her performance was cute last night. i said "go rih rih" as she winded and dipped it low. no, she doesn't blow like a monica but she has an unique sound that will grow on you. ok, well maybe.

so on to the new hair do itch. my short black do is my signature but somehow her curly-fry red weave had me inspired to switch it up a bit. nothing spectacular but kinda cute. who am i kidding? all of that hair on my head would drive me coo-coo. i'd be ready to pull it out in a day. two days tops.
pretty elie saab gown, too.

her performance:

the closet of my dreams.

... is actually a spare bedroom. for years i've been intrigued with the idea of converting a bedroom to a walk-in closet. i may soon have my chance. God willing.

how hot is that? bubbling. ladies, i've spent the last 4 years making 2 humble closets work. how i did it, i couldn't tell you. my vision is my own little boutique. a center island for jewelry, a full length mirror, a bench or chair.

i could store my fall and winter threads on one side and my spring and summer on the other. it wouldn't be an excuse to buy too many clothes. seriously, it wouldn't. at least twice a year i go through all of my clothes and donate anyway. but the idea of space, a good view and reaching for that blazer without knocking everything down excites me.

i needed some visuals for reference so i googled some examples. i think a trip to ikea may be in the near future:


jump spread out.

yeh i'm taking it way back. who remembers jamalski? this song used to knock at the house parties. one of my buddies on the book posted this a few weeks ago and i was hype. i almost forgot about this one.

truthfully, i probably can easily decipher a total of 15 words in the whole song but whatever he was saying it was hot. i was never a huge, huge fan of reggae but i remember when it really started to get hot around our way. i think it was the early 90s, but don't quote me. dolly my baby. super cat. shabba. patra. lady saw. had us up in the parties doing the butterfly and all of that.

"when it comes to sex i have a college degree, phd in sexology ... "

Jamalski-jump spread out

and the cutest photo of the week goes to:

... miss willow smith.

she tells w magazine:

"mommy & daddy inspired me to be a performer, i get my flow from daddy,
my singing ability from mommy, and the camera stuff from both.
that’s just what happens when you hang out with the smiths."


these belong on my feet.

i mean are these hot or what?!
palais mohawk pumps, purple suede