selita ebanks is uber hot for blackbook.

selita is exuding all types of fabulosity in the pages of the new blackbook magazine. we see you, miss. stuntin is a habit ...

jose duran, spring/summer 2010.

i won't front. i've never even heard of jose duran before peeping these pictures on fashionising.com. but i became an immediate fan of his spring/summer 2010 line. loving the bad-girl fab vibe.

i decided to stalk him on fb. you know, to see the man behind the clothes. if i caught the right page then dude is only 27 and gives off a rico suave vibe. i wasn't expecting rico suave. for some reason.

lee daniels said.

when asked about what trait he values most in a friend, he said:

"loyalty, even over honesty. lie to me! tell me i look fierce."
-lee daniels, director of precious


trey songz is complex.

i mean is in complex. for a vintage-style photoshoot that i'm loving.
see more pix over at complex.com

i'll settle for a knock-off straight from h&m.

john galliano, $2,799



alice + olivia for keds.

after seeing these, i had to post them. i used to make these! i was in junior high and me and one of my girl friends (heyyy yarnie) used to walk to k-mart, buy sequins and glue them on our keds. ok, they weren't keds. they were straight bo-bos. laverne and shirley's. no names. lol. don't hate.

alice + olivia founder, stacey bendet, says: "i don't think i removed keds from my feet as a kid. i can't even count how many pairs i had. we decided to do a collaboration that would bring a little alice + olivia fun to the 2010 keds champion."

yeh, miss stacey might owe us a check. we did this first. lol. well i wouldn't do much with these, these days but they're still kinda cute, right? i mean if sequin slide-ons are your thing.

$88, neiman marcus

i'm a straight sucker for a jumpsuit.

i love them whether they're in or so-called played out. timeless look as far as i'm concerned.
mathew williamson, chambray cotton jumpsuit, $895, net-a-porter.com

marc by marc jacobs, hooded jersey jumpsuit,$300,net-a-porter.com

twenty8twelve, silk short jumpsuit, $445, stylebop.com

french connection, sheer jumpsuit, $188, asos.com

marc jacobs, spring 2010.

love this entire look ...


opi: charged up cherry.

if my hands and feet could talk, they'd probably have cussed me out by now. for the past couple of months i've needed a trip to the nail shop. this morning i was up with the birds to run to the bank. i decided to take a quick detour to get my nails and feet done before it got too crowded.
i went with charged up cherry by opi.

i went to my usual neighborhood spot but this time a new guy did them. he asked me if i wanted a design about 3 times. he then tried to convince me twice to just paint the top half of my nail this color and leave the rest clear - like french manicure style but with pink.

aww, gotta love the creative consultation you get with your $20 full set.
but no thanks, just plain ole color for me.
and i even managed to make it home without smudging them!

don't walk away.

watching old school videos like jade's don't walk away, clearly shows you how much music and videos have changed. this song released in 1993 and was a r&b banger. the video is full of old school trends - dance moves, clothes, shoes, hairstyles - i love it.
and half of yawl probably put the intro on your answering machine back in the day ... "leave your number and we'll get back to youuuuu" ... lol ... check it:

*click on the music player on the bottom of the page to turn off the background music


on my honor, i declare ...

... that i will cop some hot sunglasses this summer like these balenciagas ...

i will wear them all day, even once the sun goes down, and drive people crazy. thank you.

$390, net-a-porter.com


american apparel hooded swimsuit.

you smell that? what is it? it's spring! after this winter, i was seriously contemplating changing my zip code ... something more like miami. or arizona. something. anything. but spring is here. and i'm pumped.

one of my friends on the book (facebook) posted this sexy, hooded swimsuit from american apparel. now i ain't been in no one's pool since ... since ... i can't even remember. but this makes you want to go find a pool. am i right or wrong (as my nana used to say)?
very rihanna/amber rose'ish.

nylon tricot hooded swimsuit, $48, americanapparel.net


because you need yet another tube of lip gloss.

yeh right. if you're anything like me, your make-up bag is full of lip stuff. i can't resist. just the other day, i hit up the little beauty store and bought two new lip glosses. i may need intervention. but uh, don't you just love the packaging of these:
it's the pretty wild color and shine lip gloss by mark. high shine and a minty flavor, they come in 3 shades: candy fix, hey baby and honey child. i want candy fix.
7 bucks over at the mark site.


elizabeth bibesco said.

"you don't have to signal a social conscience by looking like a frump.
lace knickers won't hasten the holocaust, you can ban the
bomb in the feather boa just as well without, and a mild
interest in the length of hemlines doesn't necessarily
disqualify you from reading das kapital and agreeing
with every word."
-elizabeth bibesco


kimora: life in the fab lane returns tonight.

ms. fabulosity herself is back tonight with new episodes. you watching? i am.
9/8c on the style network.

i remember when i couldn't stand this chick. but after watching her first season i couldn't help but to take mental notes on this super mom/super mogul. i respect her doing-it-my-way type of saavy. gotta love it.


vintage music saturdays: poison. bbd 20 years later.

can you believe it's been 20 years since bell biv devoe broke off from new edition, created bbd and dropped poison. this was the ish. i was in junior high. yikes.

back then, r&b guys with hip hop swags weren't ubiquitous like they are today. yeh, bbd was talking about big butts, smiles and clocking hoes. and don't forget smack it up, flip it, rub it down. (oh noooooooo ... )

furthermore, i don't think anyone saw the success of the group coming. new edition was hugely popular and frontmen ralph tresvant and johnny gill bounced in 1989 to do the solo thing. bbd ended up outshining both of their solo efforts. although yawl know sensitivity was my song.

so i had to make poison my throwback pick today. this song still gets people up off the wall and onto the dance floor. still. respect it.


alek wek does elle south africa.

speaking of ms. wek:


love earrings by jennifer zeuner, $132


phantom clutch by janelle ford.

love this.

phantom clutch, handmade in blue (this year's hottest color) alligator, $375


go green.

callas paris, green pearl, $5.00, evecare.com

china glaze, tree hugger, $3.95, amazon.com

opi, green-wich village, $5.30, amazon.com

butter london, british racing green, $14, beauty.com

i like green-wich village by opi.


alek wek is super bad.








it should be a crime to have skin as flawless as hers.


i wish i still had my steve madden discount.

'cause if i did then i would slide down to georgetown, try these on, fall in love with them and then tell the cashier to ring me up.

but at only $99.95, these could make their way to my closet without a discount. right? right.

caryssa, stevemadden.com
comes in blush and blue as seen above and black