i want to give you some love.

i've worn this song out in my cd player for a week. absolutely love this song. and i've never heard a collaboration from an alive and passed person as good as this one (natalie cole and her father did a pretty good one with unforgettable, too.)

i officially need lauryn hill to come back to us. this lauryn hill. she was the definition of flyy back when. bob marley, the wailers and lauryn ...


tory burch jelly flats.

jelly shoes will forever be reinvented.

tory burch jelly flats, variety of colors, $95, toryburch.com

sally hansen's spray hair remover.

has anyone ever tried this? in case you haven't noticed, i'm all about convenience and this spray on, spray off hair remover sounds a lot better than the razor.

if anyone has tried it, let me know. por favor y gracias.


harry says to sally.

"... when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

...harry says to sally on new year's eve in 1989's hit movie, when harry met sally

dig it or bury it: sneaks with heels?

do you dig or want to bury this style?
ash spot sneaker bootie, $130, nordstrom.com

milla chains.

nieces of shoe designer, edmundo castillo, aimee and katie suero create their plastic chains by hand. check them out: millaconcepts.com


genevieve jones: safety pin earrings.

i'd really like to own these.

genevieve jones diamond safety pin earrings, $1,063 @ beyond 7. nyc.

chelsea handler says:

"DO work hard so that you can spend at least one week on a beach somewhere, sipping mango margaritas. that's the big idea."

-chelsea handler


the average wedding bill.

what do you think is the average cost of a wedding? $5,000? $10,000? more?

yes more. glamour magazine reports that the average wedding bill in 2008 totaled $28,000?

that sounds reasonable only to folks who got it like that. it sounds purely asinine to the rest of us.

jesus can work it out.

rise and shine, sweeties. tuesday morning day-after-a-holiday inspiration! this choir punishes this song ...

remember russ parr used to play this every morning. rickey smiley plays it too.

wendy williams comes to tv.

you love to hate her. or hate to love her. wendy williams is coming from behind the airwaves to a tv screen near you.

she'll have a 1-hour talk show on fox starting july 13.


miss kerry, baby!

not that keri. kerry washington. stunning on the red carpet in cannes.

halle sports the "halle berry cut" again.

i lifted this picture from ybf ... short haired halle is back. for now, at least. my favorite look on her.

marc jacobs ad.


i got my dress!

pictures to come soon.

summer, summer, summertime.

my fb hometown buddy reminded me how this song, once you hear it, officially kicks off the season. memorial day weekend ... summer is here!
hometown old school, jazzy jeff and the fresh prince ...


fashion's night out, nyc.

so the world of fashion, even more the most, knows how this economic slump is affecting business. so some brilliant minds have got together to support local businesses, celebrate fashion and get folks shopping again.

vogue, cfda, mayor bloomberg and nyc and company are calling for retailers around the world to extend their hours on september 10 for a late evening of shopping and receptions.

fashion's night out is sept. 10 from 6 to 11 pm.

cool idea, huh? check out www.fashionsnightout.com for more details.

oye swimwear.

if you got the body for it, i ain't mad. work it.

under $200 over @ couturecandy.com

tupac lived on my wall.

just one of the many tupac pictures i had on my bedroom wall in high school.
who lived on your wall?


happy birthday biggie.

miss this dude.

1993 dolly my baby, supercat, biggie, diddy:

sgb vintage winter coat sale!

by now, you know about sgb's everything must go sale! and we know it's gorgeous outside. but why not get a headstart on your warm gear for next winter. start with these:

miranda coat. was $105. now $75

rider jacket. was $75. now $30

thelma coat. was $50. now $15

shop these sales and much more at http://www.sgboutique.com
s & h is free on domestic orders!
make a best offer on any item!

remember when we used to rock: passion marks.

otherwise known as hickeys. remember when having a hickey was kinda cool. you kinda wanted people to see that someone had been sucking away at your neck or whereever your preferred hickey location happened to be.

i remember when chicks would practice giving hickeys on themselves. or front like someone had given them one while everyone knew that a hickey on your mid to low arm meant you did it yourself.

i remember this dude around the way named ... well never mind his name, "playfully" gave me one on my left cheek. it was huge and i spent a week trying to hide it from my peoples. i was successful.

people used to say you could use an ice cube or a comb to make it go away. there was a song that rapped about it back in the day but i can't remember how it went.


model, carolyn murphy: prego and tatted.


vintage lane bryant ads.

was she considered stout in 1957?

and imagine the hoopla that would surround an ad like this in this day:

to do or not to do: brazilian wax.

i swore i was getting a brazilian wax. several times before. chickened out every time. i mean, do i really need one?

you know what a brazilian is, right? it removes everything. from the front to the back. yep. everything except a thin strip of hair in front.

and it's painful. so i hear. essence also reports that it can cause infections.

essence gives these 3 ways to protect yourself:

1. check for state cosmetology licenses. you really don't want just anyone down there, right? right.

2. ask if they reuse the wax. if yes, bounce.

3. better-trained staff may cost more but it's worth it.

the bride is not your friend.

... if she chooses bridesmaid dresses that look anything like this:

they've got the midas touch.

connie briscoe's sisters & husbands.

there's no way i can find "free" time to sit down and read a book. at least not within the next 6 months. but when i can, i'm grabbing sisters & husbands by connie briscoe. this is a sequel to her 1994 best seller, sisters & lovers. it follows the story of beverly, the dating cursed sister, as she plans her wedding.


serena does rolling out. x3.

rolling out magazine wants you to pick your favorite serena cover:

cover 1 gets my vote. put your vote in here.

iman is timeless.

is it just me or does iman get more stunning with time? chick is beautiful. and i'm loving the green oscar de la renta gown that she rocked to the annual american ballet theatre gala in ny last night.

now that's love. or not?

would you let your man tatt your face on his body like jd did of janet? am i the only one who doesn't see the excitement in that, necessarily. name, sure. face, kinda creepy.

oh well, to each his own. now when are they getting married?

a 1913 wedding.

coko's new album.

fyi: former swv lead, coko clemons, has a new gospel album coming out. it's still untitled but scheduled to go on sale on june 9.


evian brumisateur facial spray.

does anyone know if this stuff works? better yet, how is it supposed to work?

it's one of those things i just want to try because it sounds neat. it claims to moisturize and refresh. but so does a shower and a bottle of lotion.

$5.50 at shopevian.com

numbers don't lie.

34-22-40. that's angel lola luv's stats. ki toy's johnson's (the chick from outkast's "i like the way you move" video) stats: 36-22-36.

chicks want those stats. and want them bad. apparently.

according to the american society of plastic surgeons, 900,000 Black women visited cosmetic surgeons in 2008 for booty enhancements, liposuction and other body beautifying procedures. 9,112 butt enhancements were performed in 2007.

i should have seen this coming. i remember going down to south beach for memorial day, years ago, and saw a girl with a butt pad on. i was no more good.

june's issue of essence has a very interesting article called the body shop (starts on page 111) that explores all the things (pole dancing, medical procedures, workshops) women are doing to be sexually attractive and get and/or keep a man.

speak on it.

vintage wedding dress.

i LOVE this.


boom, i got your boyfriend.

ok, mc luscious. 1991 with the miami bass dance music. boom she got your boyfriend ... lol ...


vintage bride and kiddies.

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris (Vogue Brides 1961)

tigerlily swimsuit.

coco swimsuit by tigerlily.
under $200


jhud does essence.

just got my issue in the mail ... essence better make sure i get my issues before the stores get their's.

teyona is antm.

so what do you think? must admit, i probably watched a total of 3 episodes this season but i watched enough to think allison was going to be crowned. guess i was wrong.

herve leger dresses: here, there, everywhere.

wild guess. how much do you think has been made off of these herve leger dresses? have the celebs wore these dresses out or what? i'm not gonna lie - these dresses would give even amy winehouse a body but ubiquitous on the scene they definitely are.
gabrielle union in a herve leger dress @ maxim's hot 100 party in cali.

madonna, kanye and amber.

partying at the met.

the night probably didn't end here. i'm just saying.

can't live without my radio.

boombox tote w/working speakers, loop design, $45

necklaces by rojas.

the tie necklace; the bow tie necklace, $24.95


lisa wells.

beaded shell ring w/ gold glass beads, $110

giuseppe zanotti: twisted wrap heel.



common's new fragrance for diesel.

bossip is reporting that common has a new fragrance with diesel, called only for the brave. yum. may have to check this out for tye and see what it's hitting for.