dig it or bury it: bottomless amber does atl.

so our girl amber sure does know how to bring them out. she hosted a party at a club in atl on black friday and i hear folks were nearly knocking down doors to be a part of her shindig.
the leather vest is pretty hot. but can you co-sign the no-bottom look? you tell me. amber's look: dig it or bury it? dig it means you love it; bury it means you're not feeling it.

can someone refresh my memory and tell me where this trend orginated? i'm tempted to say beyonce. am i right? and while i don't consider b a natural fashionista, even she didn't rock it off the stage.


Meesh said...

I may have to let this one slide. Amber is a bad chick!

Shirl said...

she needs to put some damn clothes on

nikki necole said...

bury it! lol

Lin said...