darryl bell & tempest bledsoe - who knew?

am i the only one who somehow missed that tempestt bledsoe (vanessa from the cosby show) and darryl bell (ron from different world) were married?

well i'm hearing from some that they are married. others say their long time partners. regardless, they're an item. and have been for a long time.

i found out when i saw the previews for the new reality show, househusbands of hollywood, which they'll be starring in. the reality shows several couples where the woman is the breadmaker and the husbands manage the homefront.

i may take a peek and see if it's worth watching. (august 15 on fox)


Anonymous said...

I have to remember to watch

nikki necole said...

Wow I missed the memo on this one, but I'll have to be sure to watch this too.