"women be trippin."

shout out to dalipstickbandit who posted the following picture of lil' kim on a slightly different topic and caused me to go off on a completely different tangent. and here it goes. bare with me. yawl know i get a little long-winded sometimes.

ok, so unsung on tvone is one of my favorite shows. last night i re-watched the phyllis hyman episode. is it just me or was she one of the most stunning beauties ever? homegirl was gorgeous. she didn't think so, though. trippin.

then i recall one of my facebook friends' status update last week: I NEED TO GAIN ABOUT 10 LBS. AND QUICK. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT? and she said it just like that. in all caps. i figured some dude, either directly or indirectly, had her thinking that she's too skinny and needs to get thick. grow a fat ass. brickhouse. etc. let me tell you. prior to my 30s, i wanted to gain weight too. i had been small most my life and wanted to be "thick but not too thick." a chick turned 30, got a boyfriend and i then started wishing for the naturally small frame again. i'm still on the smaller side but trust when i tell you, now when i eat that kristy kreme, it's gonna show. small or thick, mine as well enjoy what your momma gave you. trippin.

and oh yeh. so when i saw the knifed-up version of lil' kim on da lipstick bandit's blog, i had to smh. why the heck did she do that to herself? she was already cute. and any minor cosmetic changes (a beverly hills dentist, some good make-up, a stylist like ursula or lysa) would have sufficed. trippin.

we won't even mention that gorgeous girl friend or two that we all have that just won't leave that dude alone. "guess what he did?!" trippin.

and i have no final profound comment. you catch my drift. and i realize i've listed several very different situations; i'm just writing what quickly came to mind. oh and i'm not pms'ing. just a humpday observation that i thought i'd share. see what you started, lipstickbandit!
so do "we be trippin?" and if you say yes, then why? talk to me.


Rachel said...

YEP. We trip and men trip and we all trip. LOL
I never knew much about Phylis but she is beautiful and Lil Kim just took it too far.

Nicole said...

yes we do trip but it's just society pressure. trying to keep up. but we do forget our value as women.

JK said...

We all know Women Be Trippin. It's society pressure and just the way girls are raised...

Check out more ways at:

Anonymous said...

oh my gawd there's a site called women be trippin. now that's funny

nikki necole said...

lol....but yeah i agree w/nicole...society can put pressure on you - especially if you're in the spotlight i'm sure....even MJ (may he rest in peace) did not realize what a beautiful man he was.

nikki necole said...

oh and i do realize this post was about women, but i added MJ b/c men have these same pressures too....sadly enough :(

Mo said...

I agree. MJ was a good example of trippin but we as women need to know our worth.