remember when we used to rock: grunge.

soon after i noticed kurt cobain as a trending topic on twitter, i realized that today was the anniversary of his death. 17 years ago today, kurt cobain, lead singer of nirvana, died from a drug-induced suicide. as twitter fans remembered him, it reminded me of the anti-fashion grunge trend of the 90s. you remember? the unkempt, i-don't-give-a-%#*$ look that teens clung to back in the mid 90s. cobain epitomized grunge: his band's music was gritty and raw and he certainly didn't fuss over his clothes.

now i can only speak from my own little interpretation of grunge. i realize it may have been different from those who lived it. i didn't listen to grunge music and didn't know much about nirvana at the time other than their popular song "smells like teen spirit" that seemed to cross color lines and appeal to young blacks, too (thanks mtv). with that said, i think it's pretty safe to say that the grunge trend influenced my love for thrifting which later sparked my love for vintage.

back in the 90s, me and my girls jumped on the trend and would catch the 22 or 55 across the city to different thrift stores to pick out the grungiest levi's (the more holes the better) or tops that looked like they could have been worn by any one of the brady's. we made it look flyy. plus, thrift shopping was cheap so that definitely worked for us. although the look appealed to us, those like cobain who pioneered the look, had no intention of creating a grunge trend. grunge was just what they were. years later, you can still catch glimpses of grunge fashion. think the olsen twins. or even denise huxtable. did/do you rock grunge?

while looking for images, i came across this cool blog called fashion. grunge. style. check it out.

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Thanks for the shout out on the blog! I love yours!!