vintage music: troop - spread my wings.

ahhh the 90s. the era of dance moves with names, coordinated outfits, box hair cuts, gumbies, shags, a little dippity do in your hair to make it look "good", hair cuts with designs, peroxide-dyed hair, actual music groups that repped actual r&b music without underlying wanna-be rapper motives. and so much more. all which you'll see personified in this troop video. troop definitely didn't enjoy the popularity and longevity of ronnie, bobby, ricky and mike (if i like the girl, who cares who you like ... sorry, i couldn't resist) but they made a little noise in the late 80s to early 90s. i loved spread my wings but all i do is think of you (1990) was my song. what?! i used to sing it like i meant it. and i liked i will always love you (1991), too .

yo this is what i miss about music. the genuineness of it. i know i sound like a broken stevie wonder record but you know we rep old school extra hard on this blog. i mean does r&b even exist anymore? you know what would be hot? an old school concert or award show tribute that brought out all these lesser-known 80s/90s groups who we done forgot what they looked liked. right? i'm talking troop. shai. guy. intro. h-town. hi-five. silk. let's not even get into the solo acts.

so little known fact: troop got their break when they won a talent contest on the puttin' on the hits tv show in the late 80s. who remembers puttin on the hits? i do - think along the lines of star search. another little known fact - do you know what troop sounds for? it's actually an acronym for total respect of other people. until this day, that cracks me up for some reason. it's random as heck.

check out the 1990 hit, spread my wings. this video is full of old school trends for him.

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