so a week away from my wedding and i'm somewhere between a sleep deprived frantic bride-to-be and just a sleep deprived bride to be. i swear i could curl up and go to sleep. right here. right now. but i'm still smiling! enjoying it all.
last weekend i was border line frantic. ok, sheesh. i was frantic. bridezilla, like. frantically trying to get my wedding favors finalized. i enlisted the help of a graphic designer and worried her crazy between saturday and sunday. she was so sweet and calm. in the end, after a few unexpected tweaks, it all worked out and i slowed down enough to recognize her blogspot at the end of her email messages.
you know we like creativity. and you know we like diy. that's what melina has going on over there so check it out: http://m-la-di-da.blogspot.com/
shout out to my maid of honor who helped me with this after realizing how crazy it was making me. she's the best. she's my momma.

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Opé - Style Artist said...

Oh my!
I wish you the very best...