say what's up to our guest blogger, da lipstick bandit, again.

Hello Lovelies,
Its been a long time, shouldn't have left you without a dope beauty secret to stick to...so here it is.
First Base
A lot of the times before I begin to work on a face, before foundation is slathered on or eyeshadow is swiped, I ask a few questions. The first question I ask is...what is your skin type.
Skin type is germane to flawless make-up coverage and maintaining that flawless look. It all starts with a base. Base make-up or primer, as it is called, helps to fill wrinkles, prevent creasing and smooth out the outer layer of the skin for a seamless application. If you have dry skin, the primer you would use would be a moisturizer. If you have oily skin, it would be a mattifying primer that reduces oil production. Questions about your skin type? Go here, here, or here.
Moving along, eyeshadow primers help to bring out the color of the shadow, make it last longer and also prevents creasing. I used to be a little weary of having to put on a product before putting on a product. I totally bought into the conspiracy theory of the make-up industry trying to make you buy unnecessary products but I use an eyeshadow primer (I have a few) every day. Find some reviews on primers here and here.
The bottom line when it comes to any aspect of your look is knowing what you have and working with it.
That's the best ip that I can give anyone, ya dig!
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Ciao Bellas!


Lisa Bennett said...

OK so I've been skipping out on the primer. I see I need to get with the program.
Good write-up!

t.s.s. said...

i never knwew what kind of skin i had! it's comboination. good advice.