real house-haters of atlanta.

while i don't have a lot of time for anything unrelated to weddings these days, i still found time to watch real house-haters, o i mean housewives, of atlanta.

i'm pretty addicted to the show. but it is a clear indication of how chicks, not all chicks, secretly and not-so-secretly can't bring themselves to support the chicks that they call friends. with friends like that who needs enemies, right? these chicks hate all day long. especially that nene. fabulous, she is. fabulously hateful. kim is just a mess. a comedic mess. sheree is just sheree. she cracks me up too. lisa just gets in where she fits in. kandi is really the only one who doesn't seem phony. good or bad, the ladies are go-getters and determined to ride the mess out of this 5 minutes of fame. and i'm not mad at that at all.
anyway, entertaining it is. here are there alter ego shots from the last episode. who's do you like the best?

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Sharon said...

Gurl, i love this show. they are a hot mess, and yes especially that nene. i look forward to thursday's @ 10. i like kandi's alter ego shot the best.