french vogue does blackface.

my sister sent me an article about this french vogue hoopla that i'm sure you've been hearing about.

you didn't hear? lara stone appeared in a 14-page editorial in blackface.

people are hot. they say: blackface is offensive. or there are plenty of black models, why not hire an actual black model.

and then there are others. they think french vogue was being artistic.

so i ask you. what do you think? speak on it. don't be scurred.


Sharon said...

Ok, so I had a little time to think about this and I still have mixed emotions. Is it because it is 14 pages of all blackface? I’m not sure. A while back Tyra did something similar on America’s Next Top Model but it was not all blackface. It was a combination of an Asian, Indian, Caucasian and few more that I don’t remember off hand that her girls were transformed into. I remember thinking oh, that’s pretty cool, but this for some reason doesn’t seem cool to me.

Karla said...

Hell no I don't like this because black models can't find enough work anyway. So then you take a white model and make her black. They need to even it out and incorporate models of all shades.