i miss you.

no, really, i do. and you'll never believe it. i'm having more problems with my laptop.

and i'm putting them on blast. toshiba! don't buy a toshiba laptop.

first my keyboard abruptly stops working. now my laptop just won't charge. cord looks fine but the thing won't charge. so last night, i realize my laptop's been plugged up but not charging. i have about 20 minutes of juice left so i decide to google "toshiba laptops charging problems." and look what we have here. several other folks complaining about the same thing.

i'm too through. they'll send me another one. yeh, but in 7-10 business days. bite me.

anyway, why am i sharing this long story with you? you guessed it. i'll be down for the next "7-10 business days" until they send me a new cord.

i'll then return. miss me. cause i'll miss you.


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