cazal fresh.

j (alongside a rod's honey, kate hudson) cheered on the yankees at their game the other day clad in his old school/new school cazal's. love it. cazal's remind me of my childhood so much. i was a little younger than the generation that rocked them but i always admired my older cousins and the rap dudes who sported them.

want them? you may be able to swing the $500 for them over at cazal-eyewear.com. style 607/doubledown

i guess these are for him but i'd so rock them.


Sharon said...

Back in the day you weren't fly if you wasn't rock'n these.(Dudes & girls) The girls use to rock the Laura Bagatti too.

Tonia said...

Sharon is right. I came up in the eighties and it was all about the Cazals and Bagattis. Those were the days