alice + olivia for keds.

after seeing these, i had to post them. i used to make these! i was in junior high and me and one of my girl friends (heyyy yarnie) used to walk to k-mart, buy sequins and glue them on our keds. ok, they weren't keds. they were straight bo-bos. laverne and shirley's. no names. lol. don't hate.

alice + olivia founder, stacey bendet, says: "i don't think i removed keds from my feet as a kid. i can't even count how many pairs i had. we decided to do a collaboration that would bring a little alice + olivia fun to the 2010 keds champion."

yeh, miss stacey might owe us a check. we did this first. lol. well i wouldn't do much with these, these days but they're still kinda cute, right? i mean if sequin slide-ons are your thing.

$88, neiman marcus

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