opi: charged up cherry.

if my hands and feet could talk, they'd probably have cussed me out by now. for the past couple of months i've needed a trip to the nail shop. this morning i was up with the birds to run to the bank. i decided to take a quick detour to get my nails and feet done before it got too crowded.
i went with charged up cherry by opi.

i went to my usual neighborhood spot but this time a new guy did them. he asked me if i wanted a design about 3 times. he then tried to convince me twice to just paint the top half of my nail this color and leave the rest clear - like french manicure style but with pink.

aww, gotta love the creative consultation you get with your $20 full set.
but no thanks, just plain ole color for me.
and i even managed to make it home without smudging them!