i can't live without my radio.

music was always fashionable. today you have the ipods and whatever other music player gadgets that i'm not up on yet.

in the late 90s you had to have the portable cd player:

of course you remember the walkman:

but do you remember the boombox? taking it back to the 80s, baby. when ll said he can't live without his radio, he wasn't kidding. the boombox was one of the hottest accessories of the 80s.

it was a status symbol. the bigger. the better. and the louder.
prince markie dee (fat boys) rocked his:

radio raheem, in 1989's do the right thang, never sat his down:

and ll, in one of my favorite parts of one of my favorite movies, 1985's krush groove, demands "BOX" after bussing into the office of krush records and convincing them how hot he was. this part is hilarious. check out jay about to shoot him. lol.


glee said...

oh, I can't live without my laptop :)

S.P. said...

I can't live without my ipod. I love boomboxwa though. I remember there was a limited edition lasonic ipod boombox. such a beautiful creation. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford it and missed out on it.