coach returns to class.

some folks, after all these years, still love a coach bag. i walked past the outlet store last week and it was packed like they were giving something away. while some folks feel like coach fell way off some time after they went crazy with the monogrammed c collections and the other super trendy styles. i identify with the latter group.

back in the day, my mom was on coach hard. so naturally i had a thing for it, too. i remember thinking i was cute when my mom sent me a big, black coach bag for my birthday during my freshman year in college. my housemate (what up regan!) rocked a big(ger), red one. hot. i always saw the coach brand as classic. a bag that you could pull out of your closet year after year and it would still be as rock'able as when you first got it. but it lost that at some point.

i say all that to say that coach just may be returning to the basics, according to the ladies over at fashionista. they previewed the spring 2011 collection and it's looking pretty good. i'm going to keep an eye out for the rest of the collection. here's a small preview. i'm a sucker for a big bag so i could dig these a size or two bigger:

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Regan said...

Yes the big red coach bag! How could anyone forget the bag that came in handy for our infamous food lion runs?