i love the ciphers.

i look forward to the bet hip hop awards for the ciphers alone. while i read a significant amount of disdain from my facebook friends about the awards and bet in general, i kinda enjoyed the show. for one, with all due respect, my expectations weren't tremendously high. i mean, it is what it is.

but how can you not like the old school tributes? salt n pepa! i wanted to be those chicks when i was a young girl. although i would have liked to see bet bring the new school ladies of hip hop out on stage to sing some of s n p's old hits, i still appreciated the tribute. i learned that their asymetrical hair do's happened by accident thanks to a bad dye job from pepa's cousin. i also remembered just how many trends they set with their fashion - ripped jeans, bodysuits, etc.

of course, i liked the surprise visit from digital underground and the tribute to pac. b-o-b was good. host, michael epps was hilarious especially when he came out in the shiny suit and was imitating diddy. the dude from roc nation - what's his name? - was good, too.
but my absolute favorite are the ciphers. it made me text my brother and thank him because i really owe my love for hip hop to him. big ups to bet for the father son cipher. loved it. but the absolute best of the night was the g.o.o.d music cipher with kanye. kanye is tough. if you ain't convinced by now ...

and the father son cipher with ice cube and sons + run and sons:

see the other ciphers here.

and no i won't mention the wacka flacka and antoine dodson foolishness. oh, i just did.

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