rainkissed leaves from bath & body works.

yawl know i love my lotions - soft, supple skin is a must. the hotel we stayed in last week offered bath & body works toiletries. a plus. the scent was rainkissed leaves and i'm a fan.

let me digress for a moment and reflect on the genius of bath & body works. i think it'll be around forever. it has to be #1 in sales during christmas. i know each of you get at least one gift from b&b per year.

anywho, there's a little something for everyone there. some of the scents are a little too much. back in the day, smelling like a georgia peach was sexy to me - i rocked the peach scent faithfully. but now i go for less bold scents. well sometimes. it just depends.

rainkissed leaves is a part of their signature collection. it's subtle, light, fresh and clean. there's a hint of a grassy, cucumber smell that's great to wear in the spring or summer or just a sunny day. i use it as a hand lotion but at some point i may pick up the eau de toilette or fragrance mist to wear as an every day scent.

just thought i'd share. what are your favorites from b&b?

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