the closet of my dreams.

... is actually a spare bedroom. for years i've been intrigued with the idea of converting a bedroom to a walk-in closet. i may soon have my chance. God willing.

how hot is that? bubbling. ladies, i've spent the last 4 years making 2 humble closets work. how i did it, i couldn't tell you. my vision is my own little boutique. a center island for jewelry, a full length mirror, a bench or chair.

i could store my fall and winter threads on one side and my spring and summer on the other. it wouldn't be an excuse to buy too many clothes. seriously, it wouldn't. at least twice a year i go through all of my clothes and donate anyway. but the idea of space, a good view and reaching for that blazer without knocking everything down excites me.

i needed some visuals for reference so i googled some examples. i think a trip to ikea may be in the near future:

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