rihanna inspired my new hair-do itch.

the eagles played (another vick-tory, thank you) so of course that was on my tv screen last night. but i did catch a peek of rihanna opening the ama's. i realize that popular belief is that this blog stans for ms. rih rih. and we do. most of the time. she has her misses, especially lately. but for the most part, i dig her steeze. she has that don't-give-a-$hit youthfulness about her - i've always kinda liked that.

with that said, i thought her performance was cute last night. i said "go rih rih" as she winded and dipped it low. no, she doesn't blow like a monica but she has an unique sound that will grow on you. ok, well maybe.

so on to the new hair do itch. my short black do is my signature but somehow her curly-fry red weave had me inspired to switch it up a bit. nothing spectacular but kinda cute. who am i kidding? all of that hair on my head would drive me coo-coo. i'd be ready to pull it out in a day. two days tops.
pretty elie saab gown, too.

her performance:

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