remember when we used to rock: denim/leather pants.

well, well, well, look what we have here. i've been looking for weeks for a throwback picture of the denim jeans we used to wear - you know the ones with the leather down the front side. and i happen to bump into these - a 2009 spin from givenchy by ricccardo tisci.

now these bad boys will set you back $3,440. but back in the day when we rocked them, our weekly allowance from our folks would cover them.

straight from the store, merry-go-round, i had a pair with green leather down the front. they fit nicely too - swore i was cute. i also had a pair of the shorts with the black leather down the front. all my girls had them in different colors: red, brown, snake-skin. and yes we'd rock them on the same days to the same parties.

i wondered when and who would reincarnate these and here they go. did you rock them back in the day? would you rock them today?

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Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

what's old is new again..all the time and yes, primer is the trick to (LESS) creases and longer wear.