remember when we used to rock: scrunch sox.

of course you remember. was it tlc that hyped this trend - wearing 2 or 3 pairs at a time? late 80s, early 90s?

you know how we rolled - blue and pink shirt meant blue and pink scrunch sox. never mind how hot it had to be and how tight your toes were. and if you really thought you were cute, the left foot may have blue on top, pink on bottom while the right foot had the reverse. those were the days.

i remember me and stany had matching outfits (peep a previous week post on the coordinated outfits). i had the blue shorts set, flip up the sleeves and it was yellow. she had the pink one, flip up the sleeves and it was orange. and then the coordinated scrunchy sox - don't tell us nothing. lol. nowadays, you couldn't pay me to wear those thick sox.

shout out to miss nixon for reminding me of this trend.

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