skinny jeans for guys.

so once upon a time, guys wore their jeans like this:
not exactly skinny jeans but definitely a close fit. somehow along the way, guys thought it was ok to walk around showing their draws like this:
not ok. not even a little bit. and now we're experiencing the opposite extreme trend:
skinny jeans for guys! i was walking zsa zsa the other day and saw two guys walking with jeans so tight all i could wonder is where do they keep their money. i rode with the trend for a minute because i do think skinny jeans could be cool when done by the right person. however, after seeing the two young guys with those tight ass jeans, i am pretty sure that no man's jeans should be tighter than my own.
but i want to hear what you think. if you had to pick one extreme or the other, which one would you tolerate?

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