feature beauty writer: lipstick bandit.

i'm kinda pumped to introduce my feature beauty writer. her name is felicia. also known as the lipstick bandit. i follow her blog for beauty tips. you should too: http://www.dalipstickbandit.com

as she says herself, she's not a licensed mua but she knows how to beat a face. that she does. and i always marvel at her ridiculously clear skin. like foreal she could be the face of noxema. or something.

felicia is gonna grace us with her presence every now and then and unselfishly share her make-up and beauty tips. she's witty. i enjoy her and i think you will too. so without further ado ... check out her premiere post on sgb ...

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Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

awww thanks! its my pleasure :)