ba'bye sidekick, hey iphone.

after about 2 years, i've laid my sidekick to rest and joined the iphone lovers over at at&t. after a week with it, i know exactly why people are so goo-goo gah-gah over their iphones. it's probably the most practical phone i've owned. it just makes sense; every function seems to be exactly where it should be. and it took me about an hour to figure out how to use it.

still, you know i have a couple issues with it. like three actually.
  1. although the touch screen sounds like a cool, forward idea it is a pain in the butt. i was typing like 80 words per minute, like the commercial says, with my sidekick. with this iphone, i spend more time correcting my texts. i wish i could use my nails because i stay typing R when i mean to type a T, a G when i mean to type a H and so on so forth.
  2. i'm still figuring out the internet on it. it's much quicker to connect to, unlike the sidekick, but i can't figure out how to make the internet pages bigger and switch from page to page. i'm sure my dad or brother can help me with this one.
  3. and why do i need to open an i-tunes account in order to add the facebook app?

i also was a little disappointed that the white one wasn't available in the $99 version iphone but black will do. other than that, i love this frickin' phone. i stay playing with it. thinking of converting? i highly recommend it.


nikki necole said...

I can help you with #2....all you have to do is take 2 fingers and expand it....it's kind of hard to explain here, but try it...should work for you.

mrs. halimah. said...

thanks nikki. i actually called my dad and he told me the same. nice!