michael vick is an eagle.

so as soon as tye told me last night - "vick signed to the eagles" - although he said it more like florida in good times - "damn, damn, damn" - i knew i had to log on to facebook and read the statuses of my excited hometown crew. most of them are ecstatic. a couple indifferent. and a few are utterly disgusted that the eagles picked him up.

i never fake like i know anything about the game, although this season, with all the excitement of vick, i'm gonna make a real effort to learn it. maybe. my question to all the angry philadelphians is why are you angry? he did his time. he took no one down with him. can he never work again because he made a poor decision? this way of thinking is so wrong on so many levels. can we not repent? hmm ... a lot of holier than thou folks ... bet they wouldn't let us read their diaries. probably the same folks rocking leather shoes and furs in the winter.

that's just my $.02. what's yours?


nikki necole said...

I agree. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

mrs. halimah. said...

well said nikki. and so many sinners casting those stones.