the husband pursuit.

just read this story the latest essence and had to share. neenah pickett, 43, launched a nationwide search to find a husband. she says after a year without a date, she needed to take control of the situation and find herself a man.
so she launched www.52weeks2findhim.com. her requirements: laid back, sense of humor, between the ages of 39-51.
so far she's talked to over 200 prospects but hasn't found mr. right quite yet. she's confident that she'll find him by the end of the year.
well get it girl. what do yawl think? is she determined or pitiful?


Opé - Style Artist said...

I think that is a great idea...ppl are becoming less social anyway.
I am about to start my own .com
Dang, why did I think of that?!

nikki necole said...

wow, this reminds me of a colleague who started a blog - married by 40 or cat lady? it's becoming more common that we think...very interesting...

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...


she's pretty!! i think she's determined but damn, 200 prospects and not 1???

Lysa C. said...

well if it works for her maybe i'll try it.lol!