granny's restaurant: owings mills.

while i don't do it that often, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know i let it be known whenever i have a truly fabulous dining experience.

i went to granny's restaurant in owings mills for lunch today. it's a down home southern cooking spot. comfort food. i knew i was in the right place when i read "breakfast served all day" on the menu. i love breakfast for breakfast, breakfast for lunch and breakfast for dinner. but the ribs were calling ... halimahhh

breakfast won. here's what i got down on:
- chicken and waffles
- a side of breakfast potatoes (real potatoes, sliced and fried, like you do in your own kitchen)
- a side of fried apples (sweet but not too sweet)
- a side of applewood bacon (ok, i admit, i had no business ordering no bacon, but i couldn't resist)
- a half and half (especially good because they use brown sugar)

ronnell got the same except she got strawberries and whipped cream on her waffles. the whipped cream tasted like it had a bit of brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon in it. ronnell shared. i was happy she did.

needless to say, i had plenty of leftovers. they give you generous portions and the prices are right (we each spent about 20 bucks plus a tip).

stop by there and let me know what you think.
10995 owings mills blvd. owings mills, md
and yes i pulled out my iphone and took a picture of their granny wall - photos of grandmothers under the note: "You may call her Nana, Abuela, Bubby, Mimi, Grandma, Grandmother or Granny, but they all have the same meaning ... Love." sweet, right? my niece and nephew call my mom mimi; we used to call my grandmother, nana. what did you call yours?

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