ish that just makes sense: lash stash mascara deluxe sampler.

bravo. sephora put together a sampler of their most wanted lashes. 10 different lashes, a $104 value, for $39.
why am i so excited? well i love mascara, first. but unless you've found your trusty brand already, mascara is just one of those things that you're always searching for the best one. i usually default to the pink one with the green cap (forget the brand but i'm sure you know which one i'm talking about - it's been around so long, my mom was rocking it back when i was a little girl).
perfect way to play around with different brands and effects. husband and i may need to make a special trip to sephora today to pick one of these up. i want it.


Lin said...

10 mascars for $39! I may need to make a special trip to Sephora today too! Oh but I'm supposed to be shopping for others. Damn! lol

Nish said...

I want it too. It's too late for it to be under the tree so I'm going to buy it for myself!