what's the 411.

our girl mary has been in the news a little this week, huh? never mind that. been down with mary from day 1. her first album, what's the 411?, brings back memories. i can probably recite the entire cd backwards.
i'm taking it back to that album. mary and puba: such on-wax chemistry. here they are on yo! mtv raps back in '92. check out mary's outfit. cross colours, i think.

"i don't have no time for no wham-bam-thank you m'am, gas me up, get me drunk, hit the skins, and scram. the same ole shit you pulled last week on pam. i'm not having that, no i'm not having that." tell 'em mary.

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Alisha said...

Love MJB!If she hit him he deserved it.LLS!