laura mercier tinted moisturizer.

laura mercier, you got this right. because the tinted moisturizer i just dropped $42 for this afternoon is the best i never had.

my hairdresser put me on to it. i always complimented her when she wore it because it gave her face a fresh, even and natural look. regan and i headed straight to the section in sephora. the associate made our faces and we were immediately sold.
i know i rave about a lot of things but i promise you, this is the ish. spring is here and as it gets warmer i won't be able to do the heavy foundations. this is oil-free, contains spf and is lightweight. the color (mocha for me) was a perfect match for my skin. a flawless finish.
i'm hype. now i want to go out this weekend just so i can wear it.

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