sally hansen 14 day nail shield: but does it work?

i was instantly hype when i saw an ad for the sally hansen 14 day nail shield in the cosmo magazine. although my first name means patience in arabic, i am ridiculously the opposite. i love getting my nails done but i'm ready to bounce as soon as i'm painted.

i initially thought they were strips that you placed over painted nails for a quick dry. instead they are pre-treated, sheer color strips that bonds to your nails for an instant manicure.

they are sold anywhere nail products are sold. ulta sells them for $7.49. however, based on reviews, i think i'll pass. 5 out of 6 people on ulta.com seem only frustrated by the product. one reviewer says "i can't believe i spent $ on this horrible product." the one lone rave reviewer sounds like a sally hansen employee and says "... the results were just exceptional ... these are flying off the shelf."

i'll pass. have you tried these? if so, what's your verdict?

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