vintage music saturday: the breaks.

i heard this song on the radio while driving home yesterday evening and knew it would be perfect for vintage music saturday. i was only 3 when kurtis blow performed this on soul train in 1980 but i can still hear music like this and think: the good ole days! feel me?

you can feel the influence of 70s music in the breaks. it has that funk sound. music has changed soooo much. what's real and what's fake has become so misconstrued and muddled. a quick lesson:

"and the irs says they want to chat, and you can't explain
why you claimed your cat ... that's the breaks, that's the breaks"
"you say last week you met the perfect guy, and he promised
you the stars in the sky. he said his cadillac was gold.
but he didn't say it was 10 years old ... that's the breaks, that's the breaks.
he took you out to the red coach grill, and he forgot the cash and you paid the bill.
and he told you the story of his life, but he forgot the part
about his wife ... that's the breaks, that's the breaks."
real and relatable, right? what are they talking about in these songs, these days? "lemons on the chain with the v cuts." um, ok. and "i can make your bedrock." no you can't.
i hate to sound old and out of touch but um, yeh.

here's mr. kurtis blow performing on soul train. great quality video ... click on the music player on the bottom of the page to mute the background music.

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